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Inbox is the App Child of #Gmail and #GoogleNow

Watch for that evolution to nudge #Inbox even closer to #Google Now so that the concept of email itself blurs, as the origin of information becomes less important than how we use it and what it means to us.

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*Content creators flee from #YouTube , flock to Facebook for #videos *

[...] we saw content marketers increasingly uploading videos to Facebook directly, with a 50% increase from May through July; and are trending to surpass YouTube by the end of the year.

#socialmediamarketing   #socialmedia   #video  

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MIT Rethinks How You Consume News

" Fold, a news platform being developed by MIT Media Lab’s Alexis Hope and Kevin Hu, has been designed to provide context at its very core "

“Our goal is to allow stories to be more like conversations," the team tells Co.Design. “We believe contextual tools can help all readers confidently engage with complex material, and also provide avenues for more invested readers to explore further."

#news #platforms #Media

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Misurare l’engagement su Facebook

Considerazioni a margine sul nuovo approccio di Socialbakers all'engagement rate

Per riassumere, l’ engagement rate di Socialbakers pondera le interazioni generate dai post [...] rispetto al numero di fan della Pagina[...].

L’idea di base è che dividendo le interazioni per il numero di fan, _è possibile [...] confrontare tra loro Pagine di diversa ampiezza

Il punto è che Socialbakers ha deciso che da ora in poi ci si dovrà invece concentrare sul numero assoluto di interazioni e non più sulla ponderazione delle stesse in base al numero di fan.

#socialmedia #Facebook #engagement #smm #analytics

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Disruption? Not if you are making the same people rich…

It reminds me of a good post written by +Matthew Yglesias and the tweet he published to share it:

Can we please stop 'disrupting' everything?

" The moral of the disruption story is that this is often how progress is made. Some new idea really can’t equal the best the status quo has to offer, but that doesn’t always matter. Turning disruption into an all-purpose tech buzzword obscures its importance while simultaneously distracting innovators from real opportunities."

#disruption #innovation #sideeffects

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How to Calculate the ROI of Your Social Media Campaigns

" an infographic that breaks down the steps you need to take "

#ROI #infographics

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Facebook just had its best year for brand and media   #engagement

" Media outlets always have something to talk about, whether that means hard news or new recipes. #Brands  _are less likely to have as much news to break to their fans_ – so what matters most is not trying to say more, but to say things in a more captivating way.

By letting media lead the way, brands benefit from having this experimentation act as their beta test. Doing so creates future opportunities in the ecosystem – and also shows that the quality of your News Feed content is the key to successfully reaching your fans. It is important to note that media success does not preclude brands’ success; it predicts it . "

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Un ottimo punto della situazione


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"At one level Bottlenose is similar to other tools in that it aims to spot social trends, track interests, measure conversations, analyze keywords and identify influencers.

However, this is where the similarities end.

Bottlenose is ambitious and aims to map a global picture of interests/activity in real time so that you can see what the world is thinking about any topic. The tool combines data from many different sources not just social networks, incorporating advanced demographic data and sophisticated sentiment analysis to help you understand the root cause of global trends".

#analytics #socialmedia

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If you are in Milan on April 15 you can't miss this exclusive preview of #transcendence  followed by a debate around " the extreme consequences of technologies like AI, brain scanning, and their hypothetical cousin, mind uploading ".

#Unimissable   #Movie   #Milano   #Events   
What are the extreme consequences of technologies like AI, brain scanning, and their hypothetical cousin, mind uploading? If you are in Milan on April 15, and you are interested in these questions, come to the exclusive screening of Transcendence with Johnny Depp organized by Axelera and Singularity University, followed by a debate around these themes. 

Book your free ticket now!
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