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Tom Negrino
Book author. Writer of many things.
Book author. Writer of many things.

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Hey, I remember that happening! Huge party. If I remember correctly, the shrimp was awesome.

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Let it be known that sadly, I only speak English. So if you request to be added to my circles, and your obvious info is in Cyrillic, Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, and other languages I don't speak, I won't be adding you. Sorry.

Well. Google Plus just suggested that I add Tom Negrino to my Circles. I hear he's a pretty good guy.

Here's my take on anonymity or pseudonymity when it comes to social networks: generally, I don't like it. If you want to be social, be real. I understand that some people have what they think are good reasons why they want to be anonymous, and they can have at it. Yes, I know that some women have stalkers they wish to avoid, and some men want to express opinions without employer issues. And vice versa.

But really, most people's need for online anonymity is so they can snipe, troll, or argue without real-world consequences. Those folks are simply clutter for my attention, and I don't have the time to waste on them. Are there exceptions? Sure. But in those cases, I get the joke and choose to play anyway. So I'll read The Macalope (is the Horned One on G+? I have no idea). But I blocked someone who tried to connect with me here with the name Cyber Criminal. In this area, my bar is pretty high.

So: if you try to connect with me on G+ or any other network, and you have an obviously fake or incomplete name, I will block you.

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