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Aaji aakhaase ki ranga laagila
In not-so-verbatim, the title, written in Odiya language, means that "today, what color did the sky take". The following photos of sky, on different days in a span of 2 months (April & May), bear symbolism of nature's mood. One is an eagle eye view of the b...

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A solo-cruise into spirituality and natural beauty
2 days. Cruising on road for 12 hours in those 2 days on my bike. My trip started from Thane (Mumbai), via Shirdi, Sani Shingnapur, Malshej Ghat and ended back to Thane. May 1st, 2015. 6 AM. Took me about 4 and half hours to reach my 1st destination, Shirdi...

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Do you know me? But, I don’t know myself
It was a usual evening, when some people met at a place.  What
intrigues me is that how connects happen in this universe. More importantly,
what keeps alive these connects? It is, absolutely, not in our hands and can’t
be controlled. How does the energy tra...

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Some bygones die hard - Part 2
The noises were getting louder now. Could it be the end? , was what Manish wondering. Jayant was the last among the fighting slum dwellers to have met a tragic end, in a road accident. Yes, it was labelled as an accident only. Some went missing, and their f...

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Some bygones die hard - Part 1
Lot of noises in the head!!! What was happening to Manish ? He could not hold it down since he learnt about it. An evil pharaoh was ruling on his fate, it seemed. He just had managed to escape from his most dreaded enemy, Raghu , the local mafia leader and ...

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My thoughts, my words...Our thoughts, our words
Yikes! I saw a trailer with some transporter’s name (say
Kailash) succeeded by Road-li-ness (breaking the word like this is important as I read it like this). Upon a bit
careful observation, I saw the correct version which was the usual Roadlines . Now, I b...

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Once deceived, twice shy
How cool it feels when you exchange those first "hello(s)"s and "hi(s)". Raven was at a city's famous pub, leisurely sipping his Martini and giving intermittent glances at the lady in red, who was sitting across him at the other end of the lounge. He almost...

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Story of an awakening
5:35 AM... Every iota of mind is playing with my existence, by injecting a sedative serum. From a distant corner of my valley of senses, a squeaking voice is stroking my wild passion to get up and fight this heavy sedation. This untamed passion was blinking...

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At times, Mind is a villain of supreme kind
Why benevolence is in dearth on this earth? This is the subject I find intriguing, most of the times. So, I felt doing some self-quizzing and come up with the reason myself. Even I understand the concept of quid pro pro, and in sync with the same, people (i...

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Celebrating life of a moral fool!
He was there again. 10 years back, when Riya had gone to her old society of childhood, he was labouring through the many errands of locals to earn his livelihood. "Madan uncle", as fondly called by the kids from society, was a septuagenarian and had seen so...
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