+1 to +Kasimir Urbanski for this recap, +1 to +James Desborough for not buckling, +1 to +John Stavropoulos for actually bothering to ask "is this true?" (apparently an offense in itself), +1 to +Zak Smith for making sure this didn't all pass under the radar...
So, let's review.  In the world of the Pseudoactivist Swine it is:
a) perfectly OK to engage in a witch-hunt against an author they don't like for "rape threats" he never made.
b) Absolutely horrible that someone would engage in a "witch hunt" against them for standing by the "rape threat" accusation after it was proven to be a LIE.
c) Totally ok then support that original accusation with MORE +1s, this time being made from people who could in no way claim they "didn't know" it was an OUTRIGHT LIE.
d) Outrageous and terrible that people who they thought should be sympathetic to them would endanger "the cause" by actually wanting to stand up to what's TRUE.
e) Absolutely alright to tell such people that THEY ought to be raped.

And once again, Ben Lehman is a filthy fucking liar; and has not apologized for it. He did, however, modify his original post to try to hide the evidence of his lies.

See the full story here:

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