The Better Than Any Man PDF edition is coming out... maybe sorta soonish? Or not? Hell if I know. Seems that when I asked layout guy Eero to get the PDF version ready, he decided to go a bit nuts.

Instead of just adding all the links and bookmarks and stuff to the current layout and getting it out the door, he's decided to redo the entire thing since he's no longer bound by the page count limitations necessitated by printing budgets.

"I decided to loosen the layout out considerably - double the page count or so.

That way this can be e.g. printed spread by spread on ordinary home printer sheets, or read comfortably on portable readers in use today.

8 point font all the way wouldn't be so good in this regard."

He also listed a bunch of possible enhancements that I won't repeat since they are subject to his available time and will to put more effort into the project... but his plan is to make this a fiendishly awesome PDF.
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