You have been lied to all your life. You’ve been told that magic is meant to be in the hands of old bearded men of kindly paternal disposition, protecting the status quo. You’ve been told about young men destined for greatness and learning to command power that is rightfully theirs. When women are shown to possess magical power, they are scantily class Enchantresses, housewives duped by the devil, feeble old crones who hate the young, or precocious young girls eager to prove themselves to the boys.

Stories all constructed to comfort and pacify you. To give you heroes and role-models to rely on, to give you villains than you can sneer at and be confident of their defeat. They make you feel so safe.

But you are not safe.

Upon the solar winds ride the cosmic keys to our creation and times, received by women with but one desire: tear reality asunder. Now they have the means. They have always had the will. Existence is over.

Vaginas are Magic! is a book of blasphemous, dangerous magic featuring spells that only women characters can cast. It also includes a new magic system for use with Lamentations of the Flame Princess and all other traditional class-and-level tabletop role-playing games.

(Book's almost done, and I'll have to do a bit of fundraising starting when it's completely in the can, hopefully at the end of the week. There won't be a pile of extra copies this time out, so if you don't have a local store, joining the fundraising will be the way to get yourself a copy and help get this weird thing into peoples' hands worldwide. Much more info about the book when that starts. The pre-order/sponsorship drive will last one week.)
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