I talked with Tenkar about this and he said I should talk to you all about it...

Last summer I told people, and mentioned in various public areas online, that at the beginning of the year I was going to do a crowdfunding campaign to fund a Free RPG Day printrun, to get real LotFP stuff in everyone gamestore dweller's hands, free of charge. For $5000 I could match Paizo or Wizards' participation. But $5k out of pocket for something that gives no direct return... well, I'm still a quite small publisher.

With the previous campaigns being late in delivery (oh, Brockie turned in his rough maps tonight - 8 castle levels, wilderness, dungeon, and a cutaway view, so he is moving along and it is a substantive project), some might consider it a bit... dodgy to do another one. Even if I'd announced intentions long ago and it's part of a plan and it is time sensitive.

A ton of art was already commissioned in the fall, tons of work already done for it. And of course with all that effort investment all the previous stuff is waiting on people get things done. Typical!

The Free RPG Day adventure would be called Better Than Any Man (attached is the retail-safe version of the cover by Cynthia Sheppard, backers would get the real cover not suitable for stores). Backer perks would include a series of monster cards featuring Aeron Alfrey's interpretation of monsters that have previously appeared in LotFP publications (attached is his interpretation of the Flailceratops), I'd have two mini-adventures as perks (Tower of the Navelgazer and Another Shitty Adventure, a sewercrawl table-driven adventure/procedure thing), Geoffrey McKinney is putting together an Isle of the Unknown mini-adventure for it and Zzarchov Kowolski has submitted Lamentations of the Gingerbread Princess, a rather odd adventure that gives a real kick in the teeth (and a cover by Sheppard!).

I'd promise to have all the text for all items ready before the campaign begins (not possible with the previous two campaigns because, well, they were all about seeing if they would be done at all). I'd promise to begin the PDF portion fulfillment, as in supporters will get at least one of these adventures in PDF, as soon as the campaign ends.

So what think you? Go ahead and let the people support or not as they wish, or hold back on The Big Push for another year?

(And assuming we do go ahead, anyone out there halfway decent at putting together maps that'll work for LotFP product? Not much money to spend on cartography for what's supposed to be raising funds for something else...)
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