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Pre-order/Sponsorship for Vaginas are Magic! is live at the LotFP Webstore!

Vaginas are Magic! is going to be LotFP's Free RPG Day offering for 2017. It's 48 pages. It's hardcover, with sewn binding, done by LotFP's normal printer to show off LotFP's production values. All told, it's going to cost well over 10000€ if the same number of copies as last year are to be printed.

Some cost has already been paid. The layout costs (Jez!), the 20 pieces of art from Marvel and Top Cow artist Rosi Kämpe (http://toherrys.deviantart.com/), everything associated with the photo shoot that gave us the cover image, etc.

But the printing cost for a few thousand hardcover books (plus sponsor copies), and the freight cost to put it on a boat and get it to the US warehouse, that still has to be paid.

There are also a couple of costs I have to bear to make this project without compromise: I need to provide an alternate cover for the Free RPG Day website that doesn't have the word "vagina" on it. (It'll just say "VAM".) That's minor. Also, I need to provide shrinkwrapped bundles to Free RPG Day, so that when they are putting together each retailer's package, they aren't counting books, just grabbing the appropriate-sized bundle from each publisher. Standard part of the deal. But I was told I need to have some sort of covering over the books in the wrap so that... and this is true... when the packages arrive at participating Free RPG Day stores, the people running those stores don't get upset about seeing the word "vagina" without warning. I've been told it's a legal issue and that some store owners thought it would be illegal to distribute Slügs! last year. So a flyer needs to be printed, and the books and flyer have to be arranged just so within the shrinkwrapping, which increased the manual labor costs. That's going to cost some hundreds of euros extra. (The flyer will also double as a "Hey, ask for this year's LotFP Free RPG Day release at the counter!" thing stores can put out with the other Free RPG Day items if they don't want to have the book on open display.)

That's how deep the rot is. (I do want to say the Free RPG Day people are themselves supportive; it's the same company that handles my retail distribution. But they took some heat over Slügs! last year and need their butt covered.)

As for the book itself, it's not an all-out vag attack (although there are a couple racy pictures out of the 20 and one spell is all about sex), and it's not a big joke release (although we certainly did have our fun with the packaging). It's a book of spells, each named after an old-school black metal song (think Mayhem, not Living Colour). The spells are all in the spirit of Summon: kind of fantastic, kind of risky, and able to be used by beginning Magic-Users.

There won't be extra copies of this one. If you don't have a local game store participating in Free RPG Day, or if that store decides not to carry the LotFP item, or if they're all out by the time you get there, you're shit out of luck. If you'd like to guarantee yourself a copy of what will surely go down as one of role-playing's most unusual artifacts, or if you'd like to help get free LotFP things into the hands of unsuspecting gamers, reserve your copy now.

Please read all the information on the item's webstore page before buying.

Pre-orders/sponsorship ends 11:59am Saturday January 28, Finnish time.

And then Jez goes on to finish Veins and I finally finish that damned Ref book (and finally get on to some proper adventures - I have so many outlines...).
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