Seems to be lots of people who have circled me but are unfamiliar with LotFP.


There's apparently a line out there in creativefunland that you're not supposed to cross for some reason. But I find the grass is so much greener on the other side, so a good bit of art ends up like this.

Part of it is the thrill of doing something a bit naughty. A bit childish, yes, and LotFP has had the "juvenile" tag thrown at it more than once... I agree that calling it "adult" or "mature" isn't exactly right either, but I don't suppose anyone would be satisfied if I targeted my "juvenile" work at actual juveniles...

And part of it is the idea that this stuff is supposed to be outrageous and abnormal and send the squares running to the hills! Fantasy is supposed to be different from the daily mundane grind, which to me means removed from concerns of the workplace, family duties, basically all the hallmarks of polite society. Untuck that shirt, let that hair down, and just GO FOR IT.

Mom made me watch Mazes & Monsters (the Tom Hanks movie) shortly after getting me into D&D because she was worried I'd lose my mind or something over the game. (oops...) Seeing all the fuss over the years from authority figures and media sources that should know better over D&D, heavy metal, Mortal Kombat, how movies have been butchered to even get an R rating... it's so sad and pointless, and I consider it every creative person's duty to challenge that shit. Never hold back.

I always refer to this piece by Cynthia Sheppard "The Sexy Medusa" but I suppose "wait, what are the snakes doing?" might be more useful.

So, plussers, it's poll time. Is this a depiction of masturbation or necrophilia? It's got to be one or the other, there are arguments for both, but I can't figure out which it is.

(I did look around the menus here looking for some sort of G+ content standards, guidelines for what's appropriate to post and what's not. I didn't find any content guidelines aside from warning against posting copyrighted works. So we'll see how this goes.)
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