I have to say I expected this. Would have been disappointed if it didn't happen.

I look forward to this store owner coming to have a word with me in Helsinki, Tampere, London, Birmingham, Gothenburg, or anywhere else I'm attending a convention.
Some Free RPG Day Bullshit

Got up early this morning to hit the bank and go to one of my FLGS to support #FreeRPGDay, and particularly +James Raggi and +Lamentations of the Flame Princess . I helped Kickstart Better Than Any Man and wasn't planning on picking up a print copy since I ponied up extra for one through the campaign and wanted to make sure other people had an opportunity to get one for themselves.

Anyway, long story short - the owner told me (proudly) that he was boycotting LOTFP and Free RPG Day from now on because of the content of the adventure.

Reasons given were:

1.) "This is the kind of shit that got 'our' hobby boiled alive back in the 80's' and I don't want to support anything that could cause an industry-wide witch hunt."


2.) "I don't want to risk parents getting their hands on the adventure and garnering a bunch of bad press for the store."

Now, it's not my place to tell a retailer what they should and shouldn't stock. It's their business, and they have the right to run it any way they wish.

But - those two excuses are straight up bullshit. First off - Satanic Panic is dead. Nobody who actually matters cares about that shit anymore. There are plenty of fringe weirdos who still buy into that shit, but by and large it's a bad memory. If you're using Satanic Panic as a guideline for what you stock, you are a fucking dinosaur and are the reason gaming is marginalized .

Secondly, there's a perfectly good method from preventing this thing from falling into kids' hands. Just put a little note on the table saying 'Better Than Any Man is intended for ADULTS ONLY - if you wish to obtain a copy, please see the clerk at the checkout counter who will be happy to provide you with one.' This - despite the adventure being clearly marked as intended for adult consumption -should be PLENTY to absolve the retailer of any complication that might arise from it's distribution.

Finally - this whole thing is a fucking sham. I've been told said FLGS owner didn't want to participate in FRPGD anyway because of the cost of the package, and didn't plan on supporting it next year for the same reason. So this whole moral stand against whatever is bullshit.

Oh - and to put icing on it? He told me he mulched the copies of BTAM that he received. Straight up threw them in the garbage.

Oh, and James - FYI. To hear him tell it, he plans on cornering you at the next convention you both attend to personally tell you hpw ypu're ruining the industry. I'm sure that will be laugh-worthy - if it even happens.

So fuck that guy and fuck his store. I intended to drop some money there today in good faith after I grabbed the rest of the FRPGD material, but fuck that.

Thanks Cincinnati, for once again proving you're the kind of provincial backwater that sends cops in to shut down art shows. Same shit, different day.

Now, if you'll excuse me - I'm going to go expose my cock to a bus full of nuns, just because.

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