So the TJIFM crew has an IndieGoGo campaign to help with expenses and make their coverage of GenCon better.

I've agreed to write up a couple monsters as a reward level for these guys.

These won't be "Cross x with y and throw some stats on it monsters." No, these will be "This monster is complicated and takes up a page to explain and if you put it into your game it's going to drive play for quite some time all on its own."

I'm starting to piss myself off because I've got these ideas that I like and I want to just keep them for my own stuff but I want to give these guys my best work and I would never have thought of these things outside of the "What sort of monsters can I give that represent LotFP well" obligation and arrghhhh what a waterspout of a conundrum. Pity me.

So anyway, if you're interested in GenCon and want to see on-the-spot coverage (7 during-the-con episodes) with interviews and tons of other stuff, go help them out.
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