Wonder-OSR Powers, Activate!

I'm going FULL STEAM AHEAD with the Free RPG Day thing. Even if the coming Kickstarter (and I've found a trustworthy US source - it will use Kickstarter) fails I want to do all this stuff anyway.

There are five projects happening at once: The "support" adventures which will be used as incentives for the Kickstarter and then sold in PDF form afterwards. They are Tower of the Navelgazer (by me), Lamentations of the Gingerbread Princess (by Zzarchov), Another Sh** Adventure (by me), and Dungeon of the Unknown (by Geoffrey McKinney).

Those need art and maps. I need someone decent and cheap and fast, when the Kickstarter begins on Feb 1 we should be ready to do the art and mapping and I want them done by the 20th so the PDF versions go to backers pretty much immediately.

Then there's the big one... Better Than Any Man. I need some fan-fucking-tastic people on maps (including a color hex map) and art willing to work for dirt-cheap rates.

Also need some writers willing to do some of the "random" and placed wilderness encounters that aren't connected to the main ideas of the adventure but that support the atmosphere. Historically-based, war-ravaged area, worst of humanity taking hold in the anarchy sort of stuff with light sprinkles of supernatural horror when it gives it an extra pop (as in, only a few of the encounters will have a hint of the supernatural, most of them should be People Behaving in Awful Yet Interesting to Interact With Ways).

The goal is to print up many many thousands of copies for Free RPG Day, this will be given away in print and PDF form in late June, and it needs to be ready for the printer at the end of March.

(The Kickstarter will not fail. Famous last words, but it'll have a $1000 goal to fund the basic printing cost of the minimum level 600 copies of participation in Free RPG Day and that should be doable without fuss, but the real hoped-for goal is enough to do the 9000 copy Platinum Level participation, $6000 actual cost, and take over. jjjooooiiinnnn uuuussssssssss)

Oh yeah, wanting to do 64 pages. Give it all the fuck away big-time.

So who's up for helping and why would your participation make this more awesomely horrifying? Answer here or to lotfp@lotfp.com
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