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Hopefully the Eldritch Cock pre-ordering will be ready to go live by the end of the week.

How some of the sausage is made: This piece, by Yannick Bouchard, exists because the cover of the new Atomic Bitchwax album is really cool.
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I love the place I live but I'm getting really tired of not receiving deliveries. If companies can send me a text telling me I "wasn't home" for a delivery and I can pick my package up at some other location, they can damn well call me when they're here so I can go downstairs and get it on the spot.

I'm not doing this anymore. If they can't bother letting me know they're here, I'm just going to demand refunds for whatever it was I was trying to order.
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EDIT: position filled!

Need help with one or two hundred words of highly stylized writing, needing to be done today or tomorrow.

It's the Eldritch Cock back cover text, the idea I have is promo text that's just ridiculously full of euphemism, but it needs to be smooth and funny but still work as promo text, and I'm just not coming up with anything (and straight promo text doesn't seem like it would fit either and I'm not good at that either anyway) and time is running out.

Hit me up on hangouts text chat, or on Facebook chat, if you're interested.

Paying 25€.
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hrm. Personal note. Me and my (now ex) wife split up back in July. I hadn't mentioned it because she still came to Gen Con with me, and that would have been awkward facing the public after making such an announcement.

I was going to announce it afterwards, but then it struck me... what am I, Tom Cruise or something, having to announce details of my personal life?

But now it has been requested of me to let people know. So now I have.
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I'm finishing up the text for Eldritch Cock, this year's Free RPG Day book from LotFP, and will be ready to send it to an editor tomorrow.

I need an editor.

I need a really fast turnaround on this. I'll be out of town tomorrow evening until early Sunday evening, but I'll be ready to go 100% on it at that time and I want to get it wrapped up and text finalized by the middle of next week.

Yup, speed editing. You must be free over the next seven days. :P

If you want the job, email with your rates and editing résumé/CV.

This is the sort of messy text we'll have to unravel and then reravel to something awesome:

"The illustration shows a rather salacious situation, simply because that is more likely to excite or disgust you than an ideal politician giving a speech to impress Parliament or Congress, which is itself a valid use of the spell, and probably what it would be used for more than appealing to prurient interests. But because I don't have a good enough idea of who my audience is to know whether I'd need to portray Nigel Farage or Barack Obama in the picture in order to troll the largest proportion of readers, hot women it is."

Now for the hype train:

Also next week I'll be starting the pre-orders/sponsorship for the book. I have a feeling even less retail outlets will want to carry this one than the last two, so this will be a good way to guarantee yourself a copy, and to help terrorize the world with... well, hopefully quality. And the sponsor copies will have an exclusive additional page that will not be included in the version going out to stores!

Here's an interior art piece from the book, by Rich Longmore. Yes, the book is going to be in full color.
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The music is of the reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee school of death metal, but hot damn that cover! I guess I will be looking up this Seeming Watcher.
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You know what would be cool? For LotFP to have a crack at completely redoing the Desert of Desolation series.

Of course the LotFP house style means a lot of its elements would be scraped off with a cheese grater, and some of the more unpleasant implications of the thing would be brought to the surface so it couldn't work as a D&D adventure... but... still so much generic imagery and macguffinery that an original-enough work could be made out of the concept.

I even know how to re-do the Sky-Sea so as to serve the same purpose without being a total copy. (But preserving that element would be a good reason to get to put an official stamp on it... not that I'd actually want to do it since I'm not interested in any actual D&D rules post-1992 or so. But to keep that...)
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Looks like I'm not going to RPC this year. Oh, they've sent me information to sign up for this year, but...

In November they sent me an invoice. I don't know what the invoice was for, so I emailed the contact person listed on the invoice. No response.

Last month I received a reminded that I haven't paid the invoice. I emailed the contact person on the reminder, telling them I'd received the invoice and had sent an email with questions about it, and that I wasn't going to pay an invoice if I didn't know what it was for. No response.

I just now received a second reminder about the invoice in the mail. (Why do these places mail paper invoices? Spiel does this too... only Germans. :P)

My email to the contact person on the reminder was rather expletive-filled, this time.
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NASA artists are so good at coloring in all those space photos that when commissioning celestial art, I want it to be colorful.
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