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Experience is Everything
Experience is Everything

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Have you applied for a Scholarship or Early Bird Discount yet? There is still time. Why not use this weekend to work on your application. Whether you want to submit a video or an essay - the decision is totally up to you.
You've only got until the 31st March (for programs departing between October 2017 - March 2018) to get your application in, so don't miss out.
There are 13 partial scholarships are available each year, for year and semester applicants only. Short program applicants are not eligible for a scholarship.
You can choose to apply for a
Language Scholarship
International Affairs Scholarship
Volunteer and Community Involvement Scholarship
Indigenous Scholarship
Digital Video Scholarship
You can apply for all of the scholarships but you can only win one!
Why not give it a go and make your dreams come true. Click her for further details: #fun #studentexchange #exchangestudent #scholarship #travel


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Did you know, we have a large number of students from many different European countries as well as the USA and Canada arriving in New Zealand and Australia in July who need to be connected with their host families in May. If you have ever considered becoming a host family and welcoming an international high school student into your homes and your hearts then why not check out their profiles on our website.
You could end up gaining a new friend and their family for life!
Experience is Everything!
#studentexchange #exchangestudent #family #fun


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"Having gained a second family, I have gained two sisters who I'll admire for life. From snow skiing in the beautiful mountains on our family holiday, to laughing at how many times i would stack it snowboarding. There isn't a better word to describe these two than calling them my Sisters, forever and always" Brittany

Why not consider Denmark as a country to exchange to. You'll discover beautiful ski slopes, new friends, an extended family and you'll create memories for life.

Deadlines for applications to Denmark are 15th April for departures in August. For more information on Denmark, click here:

#fun #family #denmark

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There are so many amazing countries to see, but it is the connections you make from being an exchange student that will surprise you the most.
Would you like to know more about becoming an exchange student?
Click here for more info: #travel #exchangestudent #studentexchange

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"I got to do so many things on exchange that I would never do in Queensland, like skiing next to Mt Fuji with one of my host brothers and my host sister." Renee
Where would you choose to go on exchange?
Click here to see all of our destinations: #fun #travel #japan


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"Exchange has impacted my life in many different ways, most importantly I have learnt that it’s okay to be myself. I have had to open up to new family, friends, and culture, this has allowed me
to experience things that I never thought possible. Exchange, a truly life changing experience." Harry

If you could go on exchange to any one of our 25 destinations, where would you chose to go?

To check out which countries we go to and the application deadlines, click here:

#USA #exchangestudent #studentexchange

From meeting new friends, learning how to snowboard and falling face first, to going to Prom and blending both her host family with her family from back home, was just a sample of the adventures that Aimee had on exchange.

if you would like go on exchange or find out more, click here:

#fun #studentexchange #exchangestudent #travel #friends #family

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From going to Prom, picking a pumpkin and learning how to carve it for Halloween, travelling to California and the Grand Canyon, shopping with new found friends and her host family and joining the track team. These are just some of the amazing things that Lily got to experience as an exchange student.

Are you interested in finding out more? Click here:

#fun #travel #studentexchange 3exchangestudent

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What adventures do you have planned for 2017? Could being an exchange student be one of them?
#fun #adventure #travel #studentexchange #exchangestudent


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Being an exchange student away from home at Christmas time can be both fun and challenging because you miss your family but the experience is more than worthwhile.
"We met up with all the other exchange students for a Christmas Party in the USA. We all cooked a dish from our country and brought it to share. Here are all the exchange students and their brothers and sisters." Halle
#fun #travel #exchangestudent #studentexchange

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