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Planning out our 2017 Alaskan garden
I've often told newer gardeners that the best thing to do is watch your yard, really watch it for a full season to get a good idea of where the sun is at any given time of the day, where the water collects and lays stagnant most often, which areas are drier...

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Somethings a'buzz in our backyard
A long time ago, when we lived in Maryland actually, in military housing, I badly wanted honeybees. I felt like it would be the perfect addition to my backyard garden.  And of course, that was a no go since military housing said " No you may not have domest...

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An argument for soil testing
I've been a gardener since in my early twenties.  Yes, I was a novice but we have to start somewhere right? I started by killing mint and basil.  I did try to grow them, but they constantly died. A couple of years later, I figured out what I was doing wrong...

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New House, New Garden
We've had a pretty earth shattering winter.  The past two years, since moving back here to Fairbanks, Alaska our goal has been to expand our garden.  To finally have some land to do with what we would like. Two years ago we looked at a fixer upper, but alas...

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Tamara Bell commented on a post on Blogger.
Thanks Husqvarna! Yes it is but it is very rewarding as well! I would love to review any of your products now by the way! I have a brand new home with a LOT of yard, a LOT of trees to fell, and a LOT of weeds to get!

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Challenges and successes in a northern Alaskan garden
Its officially week three into our safe planting time and we’re now harvesting baby kale greens, rapini (or also called Broccoli Rabe which is pronounced raab),  some lettuce, arugula, micro greens and oddly enough, mustard greens which were from last year....

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Here's to hoping we win! 

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Getting back into the swing of things, our Alaska springtime garden
So now here we are, in the middle of our second spring back
in Fairbanks, Alaska after a reasonably mild winter.  In late March we started our seeds, mostly
tomatoes, a mixture of beans and a few herbs. 
This, I knew going into it, would be challenging sinc...

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Review of the Oregon Scientific Weather Thermometer.
I was pleasantly surprised to receive an Oregon Scientific
Weather collection model number BAR218HG to provide a review about and just try
out for myself.  While I don’t consider
myself too much of a techno geek I do find new electronic toys rather cool to
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