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Fear is lucrative business.

There's rich, and then there's wealthy. There are many rich people in our world today. Wealthy? Not so much. The Wealthy know the difference between living it up and obsessively fearing death.

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And Mountain Lion will be starting it all...
The desktop metaphor is being phased out and replaced by the mobile OS.

Whether you like it or not, your next computer may work a lot more like your phone than the computers of the past. App stores, touch controls and cloud storage will define how computers work going forward.

Agree? Disagree?

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The Top 10 Marketing Sites for Social Media Marketing Trends

We asked participants to share their favorite sites, blogs, and newsletters for learning the latest about social media marketing trends.

1. Mashable earned the top spot with 82%
2. Techcrunch followed with 61%
3. AdAge earned the third spot with 54%

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Patience is a lost art, and doesn't look like something we'll see much of in the future...

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Interested to know how social media ties into the Adi originals brand that has a more street image to it.
Social shoe war? Adidas making Facebook and twitter shoes to go against the Nike Google shoes? 

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G+ now has 18 million users. Will its growth accelerate beyond its competitors?

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Funny how the app store buried the Google+ app for the iPhone. Try searching for it, you'll see what I mean.

Dear Google+, your iPhone app won't come soon enough. It's my primary platform, and after all, it's all about me...right?!
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