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John Miller
EDI SaaS consultant, runner, poker player, computer nerd who watches far too much television.
EDI SaaS consultant, runner, poker player, computer nerd who watches far too much television.

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Her second encounter with bananas, she is still not convinced.

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Anneliese had her 6 month photo shoot on Friday, and the first pics are in. Love this kid!
Anneliese's 6 Month Shoot
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Time for a run. I've decided a little while back that my running weeks go from Monday-Sunday, so this is the day to finalize my mileage for the week. It's going to be low-ish. I'm planning an 8-mile run today, roughly, so that will bring me into 22-mile territory for the week. I hope to do better next week. Having the painters here kind of screwed things up this week.

Thank you to all of you drivers who keep an eye out for me, and give me the proper right of way! And also to all of the walkers sharing the sidewalk with me who hear/see me coming and make room.

I've been using Spotify for about a week now. I'm giving it a shot alongside Google Music, which I use a lot. I have several issues with Spotify that I hope they fix soon, because those little annoyances will keep me from making it my first choice. I realize I'm being pedantic, but it's the little things that matter.

1) When you select a playlist, you can't just randomly start playing it. You have to select a song to start it.

2) When you randomly shuffle a playlist, it randomly shuffles in the exact same order every single time. If you start the random play with Song A, and then it plays song B and song C, and then the next time you start random play with song B, it will play song C next every time. This is NOT random, Spotify, and is a huge mistake in your programming.

3) The Android app has no landscape mode.

4) The Android app asks you to confirm you want to quit after you've hit "menu" and chosen "exit". Really? If I've gone to that much trouble already, yes, I want to quit.

5) The Android app has a huge image of the album cover, but the song title in little tiny font size, making it very difficult to read while driving/running/whatever.

If Spotify were to work on these seemingly simple issues, their app would be much more usable, and it might even replace Google Music for me. Until they get true randomness, I can't use it for my primary listening method.

Today, I played in a live poker tournament for the first time in a while. There were 46 entrants, and it was a deep stack tournament ($10,000 in chips, 20-minute rounds).

I started off a little cool, while I learned the play style of everyone at the table. At the end of the first 45 minutes, I was down about 20% of my stack, and no one was out yet. Mostly, it was splashing around to see who would call what.

After that, I went on a decent run, and ran up to about double the average chip stack by the end of the first 100 minutes (and the second break).

After the break, we were split up to new tables. Frankly, it was a table full of douchenozzles. People pounding the table (whether or not they were in the hand), berating people for poor decisions, and just the kind of play I really dislike. I want people to make poor decisions at the table, and I want to tell them how good they did so they do it again and again.

I ended up back to about 20% down around 3 hours in, and picked up only me second pocket pair of the day (threes). I put in a sizeable raise, everyone folded except one guy who re-raised, and I re-raised all in. He called after deliberating, which gave me hope. He flipped over A7os. I was super-happy, because he had 6 outs. Of course, he hit the A on the turn. But I'd make that same move every single time, no question (odds of any pair vs. 2 overcards heads-up pre-flop, 1.2:1).

Overall, my first time back at the tables since the whole US Poker fiasco was good. I'd do it again soon.

I'm facing a dilemma. Nearly time for new laptops for me and my wife (I mean within the next 6 months or so, nothing dire). Is this the time to jump to giving a Macbook a try, or stick with Windows? It's basically going to come down to ASUS versus Macbook, both in 17" high-performance models. Blah. I hate these kinds of decisions.

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This is really just incredible. I have no artistic talent whatsoever, so this kind of thing blows my mind.

Google+ has added Apps accounts, so I've switched over from my old @gmail account to this one. Please re-add me, sorry for any inconvenience.

Edit: Having Avast put my webrep in is probably not gonna be good for long.
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