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Lynne Butler

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I didn't know Paul Culligan, but I already miss his sense of humour. Mr. Culligan recently passed away and left behind his own hilarious obituary. Click here to read more in an article from CBC News. The attached photo accomp...
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Lynne Butler

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None of this has anything to do with a living will since the issue is about money and not about health care.

Any of the people acting under a POA have the authority to access records such as Canada Revenue Agency. If they won't share, you can still get a copy from CRA yourself, but I understand that's not the real issue.

The problem is the lack of consensus on handling matters. Apparently the POA document does not allow working by majority, since you said that all have to agree. If you three cannot figure out how to work together, one of you is probably going to end up asking the court to intervene. The most likely outcome in that case is that all three of you will be removed as POAs and a neutral third party (either a trust company or the provincial public trustee) will be put in place instead.

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Lynne Butler

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Hi Lynne,
I have already gone ahead and ordered the photocopy birth certificate from vital stats Yukon as that's where she was born. Now they were excellent in providing me with amazing dedication to helping me and had the copy emailed back to me in one day of her returning from holidays as well as sent me out to notarized copies in the mail that day as well for next to no charge as I am barely able to make it from day to day currently!
So I have since provided equitable life with an electronic copy of all the documentation they required on the claim form, I have also gone ahead and mailed the originals to them via 2 days express post as of yesterday.
The lady in charge of the case said that they may also require a copy of the RCMP accident report which would shed more light on to how she died even though the physicians report states exactly what she died from which was blunt force trauma after her car being struck on the passengers side by the Ford F-150 going highway speeds.
I have filled out the privacy act request and it has been granted to me as per the phone call I received yesterday morning, they state that it will take up to 30 days to provide it to me, I have requested the electronic copy as then I'm not waiting for it to arrive in the mail I the event the insurance company states they require it even though she thought the news paper article would be sufficient.

So I have managed to get the lender to hold off on foreclosure of the acreage with the promise of clearing up the arrears and putting a complete years worth of mortgage payments into a new account for the lender once the policy is released and paid out in full to me. Which was stated via email by the person handling my claim that once they have the documents requested should be done immediately.

In the mean time however I have been contacted by the other lender which our condo is through that they have not been able to get in touch with Jamie (my deceased spouse) in regards to the mortgage being in the arrears, that's when I had
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Worst spa experience ever, and I spend a lot of time in spas. Normally I love them. Started with a facial. I've had facials in spas right across Canada and this, despite being one of the most expensive, was probably the least effective. It did nothing for my skin. The attendant spent the entire time trying to sell me very expensive creams, and in fact left about $600 worth of creams at the till for me to buy. I went next with a different attendant for what I had booked as an exfoliation, but turned out to be a wrap-up in cream that was then washed off with a sprayer. I had expected some kind of scrub or mask, since I had asked for exfoliation, not just moisturizing. I don't speak French and my attendant only spoke French so there was no way to ask questions. She indicated that I should lie on a table, then left the room. I did, only to have the table collapse under me. I landed on my knees on a tiled floor, which was very painful, particularly given that I have arthritis in both knees. She came back a few minutes later, finding me in tears and the table and all the linens on the floor. She simply tightened up the table and indicated that I should get back on. I understood her gestures to mean she had failed to tighten the table properly but now it was ok. Nobody asked if I was alright or checked to see if I was injured. I did get back on, and the table was fine for the wrap-up treatment I mentioned. However, when she asked me to sit up, the table collapsed again. Again, I had to get up off the floor, which was wet and messy from the spray-down she had just given me. Again, nobody so much as asked if I was ok. By this time I just wanted to get through the day with what little dignity I had left. Even though I had arrived at the spa with a pronounced limp and had explained to the first attendant that I had severe arthritis in my hips and knees, they still asked me to go down three flights of stairs to a treatment room. I was seated in a large room while a young lady came in to put paraffin on my hands. From her chatter, I discovered that all of the staff knew about the table collapse. How nice to be the subject of workplace gossip. And yet, nobody cared to ask if I was alright or do anything to make me feel better about a totally awful visit. I would have expected the manager to speak to me about it, or perhaps even call me later to see if I was ok, but nope, they clearly didn't give a rat's ass. My bill for the day was over $600 and I would have liked to be treated as if I were a valuable customer and not just a wallet sitting there waiting to be emptied. At the time I booked these treatments, I had also booked pedicures for myself and my daughter for later in the week. Given the disaster of my first visit, I thought it pretty clear that I would NEVER under any circumstances return to that spa, so my daughter and I did not show up for the pedicures. They charged my credit card $250 for that. Obviously money matters a lot more to them than any possible injury sustained by a client, so they called me and told me it was their policy to charge full price for no-shows. I said it was my policy not to go back to a place that was so careless with safety. However, my credit card was still charged. Totally cold people. Seemingly interested only in fleecing the people staying at the adjoining Sheraton Hotel, knowing they are not a repeat clientele. No interest whatever in a dialogue with customers. No regard to safety. Worst spa I've ever been to. They are lucky I haven't sued them, never mind paid them.
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My order always arrives exactly when promised, and the driver is always smiling and friendly. I often order from their "Dinner is Ready" selection. Their pea soup is fantastic. I also really love their meat lasagna and the rum and raisin bread pudding. When I order fruit and veggies, I always get excellent quality. I'm really happy with this service.
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I haven't eaten in the restaurant but have had delivery from them several times. The food is always very good. Pasta is hot, salads are crisp, cheese is melty, all as it is supposed to be. Only once in the many times I've ordered did the food arrive lukewarm. They say that delivery takes up to 90 minutes but here in St. John's it usually takes much less. I've noticed that the staff who answer the phone often seem scattered as if they are doing too much at once, but they do manage to get the order right.
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Food: ExcellentDecor: GoodService: Very Good
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