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Indie, Video Games, Board Games, Android, Game Design
Indie, Video Games, Board Games, Android, Game Design

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New version of Word Wash out!

- Major optimizations for smoothing gameplay.
- Made versus more prominent gameplay mode.
- Cleaned up pixelation issue.
- Added colors to bubbles.
- Various bug fixes.

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Cool way to generate QR codes with embedded logos. Here is one for Word Wash, check out the site to make your own.

Word Wash updated to address the issues pointed out in Android Developers Friday Review!

1. Rearranged menus to be more intuitive.
2. Added better tablet support, including targeting API 14 and cleaned up graphical scaling issues.
3. Back Button now goes to a pause menu instead of back to main menu.
4. Other optimizations.

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Got Word Wash reviewed by Android Developers! Will have their suggestions done within a week or two.

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Finally was able to make a video of Word Wash from the emulator!

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New chrome extension for the online board game site Yucata. Currently reminds player of their turn with a count of how many games they are on turn.

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Word Wash has been updated to a new version. Grab it here:

Change List:

- Graphic and Bug fixes.
- Slowed bubbles slightly.
- Removed unneeded permission.

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Word Wash is now on the Amazon Appstore. What is cool is they have an emulator to try the game out before you buy it on your PC. Hopefully it will get released for Kindle Fire soon as well.

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A new update to Space Alert Mission Generator allows for foreign languages and fun voices/text. Due to this being based on another open source solution for PC, those sound/text packs are also compatible and can be found here Then it is simply just putting the folder in the right space on your external drive and you are good to go. Check the readme.txt in com.boarbeard folder on your external drive for more information.
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