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I’m pleased to announce that the new issue of Verse Magazine for Poetry is fresh out the door. It orbits around “momentary stays” and wonderful poets are part of it:

// Sascha Kokot
// Terri Witek
// Kathrin Back
// Jacob Collins-Wilson
// Shlomo Licht
// Sarah Kersey

Kevin Kopacka is the artist behind this issue’s featured artwork.

Thank you for your patience, now knock yourself out with a full dose of fresh verse. 

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I had the pleasure of talking with +Sam Ford about media, storytelling, audience engagement, career paths, life & work for our new Squirrel Park interview series.
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With the Audience in Mind
An interview with Sam Ford

“The larger role that a marketing and communication professional should play, is to listen to the audience, what it wants and needs, and bring that way of thinking back to the organization to help shape the way the organization serves its audience.”

The Squirrel Park Interview Series
“Conversation must be preferred to anything” is what +Guenther Beyer  had written in another blog post a while ago. From now on, we’re planning to regularly have good conversations with important, interesting, progressive, passionate people of the web.

And since knowledge and experience are for sharing, we want to let you partake in those conversations. This is the reason we’re hereby introducing the new interview series: the first conversationist is +Sam Ford, Director of Audience Engagement at Peppercomm, MIT Media Studies affiliate, and co-author of Spreadable Media. It was an insightful and delightful chat.

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Tremendously and wonderfully incredible.
Amazing! This is like "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" for your browser. With more dance music.

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The new issue of Verse Magazine for Poetry is just out. It is about “loomings”.

It proudly features: 
Allan Peterson 
Jericho Brown
+Dariel Suarez 
Levin Westermann
Peggy Neidel
Marko Dinic
& Artwork by Stephan Dill

Thank you kindly for the support.

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A lovely speed trap.
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The Call for Papers for Content Strategy Forum 2014 is just out. With wonderful people already on board, and hopefully even more to join, that makes it even harder to wait for summer.
Mit der Konferenz des Content Strategy Forums kommt die erste internationale Veranstaltung zum Thema nach Deutschland. Vom 1.-3. Juli dreht sich in Frankfurt alles um die Zukunft von digitaler Unternehmenskommunikation und Marketing. Heute ging die Webseite online, und bis Mitte März könnt Ihr Euch am Call for Speakers beteiligen:

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Farewell, Editorially. You weren't perfect, but you were great.
STET | Goodbye
STET | Goodbye

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Don't care how often this has been posted. I'll post it over again.

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This has been cooking in my kitchen for more than a year now: An online magazine for fine contemporary poetry that puts the reader back in the center of the experience.

Finally, the first issue is out, thanks to the help of my friends at +Opoloo, +Jared Chapman, and the wonderful poets who were willing to contribute to the idea of making a magazine that tries to finally give poetry on the web its due share.

I'm curious to hear what you think.

This first issue features works by:
Douglas S. Jones
Lydia Daher
Therése Halscheid
Sina Klein
Iván Iglesias
Lyrikkollektiv G13
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