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real dreamers never sleep.
real dreamers never sleep.

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Just a heads up everyone. Over the course of the next few weeks I will be migrating from this Google+ profile to one on my new primary Google Account.

Shouldn't be much that changes for you all, as I will be taking my circles with me, but if you should wonder why things look a bit different when you visit my page, now you know the reason.

For now I'm crossing my fingers that everything goes smoothly, and praying it doesn't completely destroy my Google Authorship setup for +SteamLoft 

Let's hope it all goes smoothly. Who knows, I may even write a blog post about it when I'm done. Cheers!

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The Year of the Penguin: How 2012 has Forever Changed SEO

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Chat on Google AuthorRank going on over on Twitter right now. Use hash tag MyBlogGuest.

If you haven't checked out my Ultimate Guide to Google Authorship & AuthorRank, you can do so here:

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+Josh Patterson  of +SteamLoft  did a great job making a step by step for Google #authorship   and even mentions my own Ultimate List of Authorship on +Raven Tools .

Wow, totally blown away. is now listed as a PR4 after less than a month since launch. Truly shocked.

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Creative link building is something I find fascinating. In such a close minded "by the book" industry, I love finding out about creative ways rockstar SEOs are getting shit done.

Check out this sick repository of awesome creative link building stories. It will surely get you amped to do something awesome.

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Want to know what techniques top SEOs are using to score links in a post-penguin world? The answer might be a little old fashion by industry standards, but the results speak for themselves. Click here to read more about new school broken link building tactics the pros are using, and how to implement them on your campaigns.

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The only thing I care about the iPad HD is how cheap it will make the iPad 2.

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Get educated and join the movement to stop SOPA and PIPA
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