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I turn 40 this year and I can't believe it's taken me this long to discover the power of silence.

6 months ago I was sleeping 4 hours a night. I was feeling stressed and my energy levels were low.

Everything changed when I discovered silence.

The truth is, I was scared of silence.

I avoided silence at all costs! If I gave into it, I thought somehow my connection to life would be disconnected.
I was constantly looking to fill empty silences with redundant chitchat, music, talk radio and surfing the internet on my mobile.
All this noise was having a negative effect on my life, I felt like I was trapped inside my mind, running around aimlessly with no destination.


1. I became more focused, the goals I set myself became achievable.
2. I felt invigorated, fresh and active.
3. I actually made more money, instead of worrying about the bills, I focused on realising my marketing ideas. New clients connected with my enthusiasm and passion for photography, bookings increased!


1. During your daily commute switch your mobile off, close your eyes and picture one still image, I use a picturesque image of a beach. I imagine soaking up the sunshine, whilst the sea breeze and the waves from the ocean provide my soundtrack.
2. Before you go to work, after lunch and before you go to sleep, practice meditating. You don't need more than 6 to 7 minutes, my favourite method can be found at this link: 
you do not need to copy the hand movements, but this may help you focus and centre your thoughts.
3. At night, I used to get into bed, check my e-mails, stick talk radio on and play online pool. Want to live longer and avoid being a stress head? Turn off all technology, place your mobile away from reach, close your eyes and take deep breaths whilst implementing point 1. You'll be asleep within 10 minutes. 

My name is Doren Gabriel, thank you for reading this blog post. I am the founder of IMAGE 1ST, DG CORPORATE and CORPORATE HEADSHOT MIAMI. We specialise in corporate and commercial photography.

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I receive hundreds of CV's a month, and over 90% of them end up in my trash. 
Jobs are available, no employee is going to turn down a star CV. If you're not having much success with your CV, take note of the following information.

For the purpose of this blog I am going to use the example of a sales position opening at DG CORPORATE.

1. NO PHOTO. You may have read that it's not necessary to have your photo on your CV or Linkedin due to an increased likelihood of discrimination. Ignore this nonsense, if discrimination is going to happen, it's going to happen regardless, and who wants to work for idiots anyway? A professional photograph is going to inspire people to connect with you, this will increase your chances of success and compliment your CV and covering letter. For inspiration on what your headshot should look like, follow this link:

2. CREATE AN EYE-CATCHING COVERING LETTER. Place your professional headshot on the top left hand corner of your covering letter, towards the right side, type out your name followed by your mobile number, e-mail address and a link to your Linkedin address, for example:

3. START OFF WITH A STRIKING HEADER. Your potential employer (in this case, DG CORPORATE) is going to want to read exactly what you can offer them, keep this short, for example, if you are applying for a sales job, write something like, 'I HAVE ACQUIRED EXCEPTIONAL SALES SKILLS TO HELP DG CORPORATE GENERATE MORE REVENUE WITHIN THE CORPORATE BUSINESS WORLD.'
I like reading engaging headers, if you concentrate on highlighting your skills in connection with the job advertised, then you've made a great start.
Under the header, show your potential new employer that you are available for interview and confirm where you saw the advertisement, for example: 'I AM AVAILABLE TO JOIN THE TEAM THIS MONTH AS ADVERTISED ON (place link or mention the newspaper where you saw the ad) followed by, AND SHARE MY PASSION FOR SALES AND MARKETING.

4. HIGHLIGHT YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS. Date your covering letter, followed by an intro like this, 'I have great pleasure in presenting you with my professional covering letter and CV in response to your recent advertised job - Telesales Manager.'  Place a header: 'ABOUT ME' Write positively about the love you have for your career and associate only relative experience that will compliment the job advertised. Add another header: 'WHAT I HAVE TO OFFER' List 5 bullet points that compliment what the employer is looking for, for example: *Five years telesales experience. *Excellent Excel and Microsoft Word skills. *An ability to analyse data and plan ahead. *A determination and willingness to grow and develop within your company. *Reassure the team around me that I am capable of being trusted with important tasks and delivering what is expected of me, above and beyond DG CORPORATE's expectations. Add a final header: 'OTHER THINGS ABOUT ME' List five interesting things about you, for example, *I am a book junkie with my current record of 30 books read this year. *I can speak three languages. *I am currently listening to The Gaslight Anthem. *I am a non-smoker. *My favourite place to eat is The Empress in Victoria Park Village.
You don't need to be too specific about the books you've read or the languages you speak, if asked, you can elaborate more in the interview and these points will help break the ice.

5. YOUR CV. Use the same design as the top of your covering letter, see point 1. This page will require 3 headers, starting with 'SKILLS' Reflect the skills required by the employer, followed by 'EXPERIENCE' and end with 'EDUCATION'

Your CV and covering letter is going to be your only chance to impress a recruiter, do not rush this process, take your time and ask a friend to proof read your work when finished. Good luck!

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2016 is going to be a very exciting year. Happy New Year Everybody! 
I've read two books over Christmas that have been enlightening, one being The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle and Jab, Jab, Jab, RIGHT HOOK, by Gary Vaynerchuk about how you can optimise your social media network. I highly recommend you pick these up today.

This blog post was inspired by a friend. 
For over a year he has been procrastinating about getting his website finished. 
He is highly successful and owns a global business. However, with just one holding page, minimal content and no team page, it's no wonder why he's losing NEW business by the day.

We've all procrastinated, the price we pay often amounts to feelings of guilt, severe loss of productivity and an increase of stress.


1. HAVE A CLEAR OUT. Spend a day clearing out all the junk that clutters your working environment. Clear the clutter on both your computer desktop and office space. Clutter makes us feel overwhelmed, depressed, confused, and stuck. 

Throw all clutter away today, but don't limit this to just desktops and office space, your mind may need the same treatment. Write down everything that's on your mind, then prioritise the tasks that are urgent and throw away the ones that are irrelevant or have become unnecessary.

2. STOP THINKING, START DOING. Over-thinking is futile, you will never know how something will be like until you experience it. Start working on your dream right now! Thinking about it will not achieve the success you crave.

3. CREATE DAILY LISTS. Creating lists every morning will ensure you have a productive day, however, it's about quality, not quantity. Keep it simple! Focus on prioritising only the important things, no more than FIVE tasks a day, and make the top priority something that will move you closer to realising your dreams.

4. FOLLOW INSPIRATIONAL PEOPLE. Follow a few outstanding people that will inspire you to shift gears and fulfil tasks that will help you succeed.

5. AVOID EXTREME PERFECTIONISM. Perfection is the main reason people procrastinate, within reason, perfectionists achieve great results, in the extremes they don't. If you keep searching for extreme perfection, you're never going to accomplish anything. Get something done today, then improve and evolve your project as time goes by. 

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If you are in business or planning to start a business, then you'll appreciate how enjoyable your day becomes when you deal with people you like. 
If your ability to be 'likeable' ranks high, then you will undoubtedly see your opportunities increase.

Adding a human dimension to all aspects of your profession, no matter what business you are in, will remain to be paramount. 

Here are my top 5 tips on attracting the business you desire.

1. Display a great headshot of yourself on all of your social media, team page and e-mail footer. A great picture will inspire people to connect with you. It's the first real impression someone will have of you when surfing the internet.

2. Your ability to listen and be interested in people will increase your likability. Acknowledge names and keep natural eye contact when meeting face to face.

3. Approach each conversation with positivity and a smile, never wine or moan. Negativity is a deal breaker.

4. Work on your confidence. It only takes 3 seconds for people to build an impression of you, confidence, looking smart and working on your likability factor will win you many friends.

5. Successful people that I meet on a weekly basis all have one thing in common, they all have the right attitude, they are optimists, calm and engaging characters. Don't let things out of your control define your day. Your only way is up!

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Happiness & smiles best describes the mood in the air, whenever we photograph couples at IMAGE 1ST MIAMI.

Treating yourself and your partner to a couples photoshoot is the ultimate romantic experience.

Being in love with somebody is a wonderful feeling. Not many experiences bring couples together quite like a photoshoot, give us a call today if you would like more information about our photoshoot for couples in Miami.

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Everything that happens to you is a result of your own actions.
Here are four tips to get you to a better place.

Avoid frustration at work by being pro-active and organised. Use your time at work wisely, don't be lazy, don't put off what you can do today for tomorrow. Put systems in place to help automate tasks that take up too much time. Leave work at work and do not take it home with you, even if you own the business! If you take it home with you, you will eventually find excuses to be lazy during the working day.

Find the time to keep fit. Join a gym. Keeping yourself fit will enable you to stay focused both at work and home. Remember, you get what you give, try 3 hours a week for three months, you won't believe how fresh and motivated you will feel.

Don't just talk about taking time off, plan ahead, book as many experiences as possible, you'll feel great knowing that you have something to look forward to and you'll be motivated to keep points 1 and 2 in check.

Bored being alone? Well what have you done in the past three months to actively find your partner in crime? Try speed dating, dance classes, cooking classes, join a gym, attend networking parties & go to gigs. Whatever you're into, find somewhere that caters for your interests and get out the house, because you get what you give remember! - nothing will ever happen if you don't make the first move.

Ask yourself how fulfilled you are in each of the above four areas, make sure you are equally happy with each section, once you are, you will love the life you're living.
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