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Yay +Iain Fielden!!!

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This made me smile.....   all day long.

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I really like Sense8 on Netflix - just binged watched all 12 episodes.

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Lol. Stupid should hurt and sometimes it does


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Whoa - I just took this on the way home from work.  I've never seen a flock this large.

And I'm sorry it's out of focus - it looked fine on my phone.

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Today I cleaned out the fridge and decided to challenge myself to create some dishes from small bits of leftovers to get them properly used and removed from the fridge.

I had
Several jars of jam and preserves almost gone.
One large apple of a cooking variety
Two mandarin oranges
3 whole wheat tortillas
1/3 large bag of shredded mozzarella (don't judge me)
3 leftover pieces of sliced turkey, plus a new package of turkey.
1/2 small onion
1 box of premade pie crust.
A cup of grapes with the wrinkled ones picked out and thrown to the chickens.

I made tarts of the apple and oranges and leftover jam. One jar I had no idea what it was and it had already crystallized. One was cherry preserves and a jar of orange marmalade and grapefruit marmalade. I made three tarts from the piecrust, smeared the jam on the bottom, sliced the apple thinly and put orange sections on top and put some brown sugar and butter on the apple, and white sugar on the orange. Halfway through the cooking, I ladled the marmalade over the orange slices.

The casserole, I layered the tortillas, cheese, sauteed sliced onions, leftover apple and sliced carrots with the turkey, and added canned chicken gravy over the veggies. I halved the grapes and added them too. I put the cheese next to the gravy. On the top, I scattered the last of the mozzarella and added some Parmesan to the top on the top of the last tortilla.

It all came out pretty good. My husband was loving the casserole, I did too, but felt it would have been improved by less grapes. I was pretty happy with the way the cheese worked with the chicken gravy. It made it very satisfying and rich tasting. The top with the parmesan cheese was particularly good.

I loved the citrus tart - it was perfect. The apple tart (I didn't try the one with the cherry preserves yet) was pretty good, but I think next time, I might dice the apple rather than slice it. Or pull the jam over it too, if there is enough, which there wasn't this time.

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My husband Curt and I at the Cameron Park Ren faire.  I had just bought him that little turkish hat.  I think he looks so handsome in it.

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Westboro Baptist Church Will Picket Outside Kim Davis’ Office Because She’s a “Fake Christian”

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Because I am being evil today

From our "True Patriot" Conservative friends...

Can you believe this?

Build Your Own AR-15 "Ghost Gun". No serial. No registration. Legal.
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