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Please fill out the BioSharing questionnaire we've just created to let us know what new features are most important to you!

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How does your ontologizing style compare with others? The University of Manchester would love to study you work - remotely and from the comfort of your own ontology den: +Melanie Courtot +Trish Whetzel

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Question for the ontologists out there! I've been trying to determine if two ontologies, originally developed by Thorsten Heinrich at EMBL Heidelberg, are still active? They were both developed by the 4DXpress group (, but emails to Thorsten Heinrich, Yannick Haudry, and indeed to result in either undeliverable mail or (in the case of no reply.

Our entries for the two records which the 4DX group is associated with can be found here: (BILA - Bilateria anatomy) (PD_ST - Platynereis Developmental STage)

The BILA ontology is currently listed as inactive on its OBO Foundry page at, and the Platynereis is listed as under discussion ( Neither are listed at all under BioPortal (

Can anyone confirm with me if this ontology is no longer currently in development and you believe deprecation of this record within BioSharing would be appropriate? Is anyone using these ontologies? +Trish Whetzel please share with anyone you might think knows something about this :)

We do enjoy keeping our records up to date, and any help with this matter would be most appreciated. Thanks!

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Very interesting user experience when trying to browse a few entries from the NAR database issue. As I've just started at, it makes me think - just what would you all want in a standards and database registry? What would make you give full points to any particular entry? Yes, working URLs are a big thing, but what would the killer feature be for you? Examples, high numbers of cross references, contact points for owners of the entries? Please let me know! HT +Alejandra Gonzalez-Beltran 

Just started working with +Susanna-Assunta Sansone and her group on As always, happy to chat about biological data standards - and now I'm back working in them too!

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Good morning all! I've been taking a look at ImpactStory ( and wondering if it's worth paying for. What do I get there that I don't get currently through 1) google scholar, 2) (the slightly odd) microsoft academic search, 3) linked in 4) research gate etc., all of which I get for free and to which I am already subscribed.

This of course leads to the bigger question of how many places do we need to maintain our research identity? Via my work persona, I do like to be available to other researchers interested in the same area of work, and therefore I am willing to maintain a number of social media outlets such as those above. However, where do we stop signing up for such things, and how do we know what's working best for us with respect to reaching out to the community of like-minded researchers?

Your thoughts would be most appreciated - thanks!


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University of Oxford Job Opportunity: Research Software Engineer - Java, Python, Web-app, Database, Semantic-web

In this varied, interesting and challenging role the successful candidate will provide technical knowledge, software engineering and leadership ability for (i) a growing portfolio of data and knowledge management projects - including the ISA software suite (, the BioSharing registry ( - funded by UK, EU and NIH Big Data to Knowledge Initiative, and (i) activities for the ELIXIR UK node ( of the ELIXIR programme.

Job title: Research Software Engineer
Location: University of Oxford, Oxford e-Research Centre, 7 Keble Road, Oxford, OX1 3QG, UK
Contract type: 3 years fixed term, in the first instance (salary range £30-40k, or according to experience)

Details on how to apply, link to application form and detailed job description at:

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We're organizing a biological data visualization course in November 2015. So please spread the word, and register for updates at

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Updated Segway 1.2 ontology entry in the #softwareontology. +Michael Hoffman , I've added all we discussed. I'm using "genome annotation" at the moment rather than "semi-automated genome annotation" - I'll add the latter once I've received an updated EDAM ontology from the EDAM folks - EDAM and SWO are merged, and that term is something more appropriate to their part of the hierarchy. Enjoy!
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