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Good Evening,
My name is David. I am a special education teacher with Transition age post high school students. I hold a masters in Educational Media Design and Technology. I teach in the Rockford Public School District. I look forward to be able to collaborate with fellow special ed teachers and share our experiences and ideas.

I know this may be hard, but I would love to have a hangout with another transition age special needs class. I have 6 students from 19 to 21 and would love to meet another class of transition age students. My students have sever cognitive and in some cases physical disabilities.

Just putting out a feeler to see if there are other classes Out there.


I am looking for a special education classroom that contains low incidence multiple disability students that are of transition age. I would love to have a hang out with another class and teacher. 

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Hi Wendy,
I am a special Ed teacher and I memtor FRC team 81 in Freeport, IL. I am loving to a new team Rockford Robotics in Rockford,IL Just wanted to say hi

Hi! I teach teachnology, business and coach a FIRST robotics team for a rural high school in a prek-12 building, Collbran, CO. Our school is in the process of going Google this yea, we are 1:1 4th -12th.

What is all this mystery talk? 

Good Afternoon,
I teach a Low Incidence Transition class for a population of students who have severe cognitive delays and in some cases physical impairments. We focus on teaching life skills that will allow them to be more independent in their homes or group homes.
My students have access to a SMART board, a classroom iPAD and several types of response switches activated with a push with a hand.
I would love to hear what other teachers of this population are doing to assist their students.
I love to use appropriate technologies with my students, I would love to hear what is going on out there.

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I teach severely involved handicapped students who need as many tools as possible to allow them to be more independent. I would love to know what new technologies are out there.
Hi Everyone - I'm a serial technology entrepreneur from Silicon Valley. I'm very interested to explore how technology can be utilized to enable children to read and write better. I'd be very interested to connect with others who are passionate about this area!

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2014-15 School Year Comes To A Close
Wow the school year is over!!! I would love to say that this year has been a great one, but I cannot lie, it was awful. This was the year that the word "change" was written every I looked. I need to sit back now and reflect on everything that happened this ...

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This looks like a great community. I have been teaching Special Education for 27 years now, and have taught many students with many disabilities. I look forward to sharing ideas, "stealing" ideas to use with my students. 
I would be interested on how people feel about teaching the common core, especially with our students that display characteristics along the spectrum  and especially those with cognitive disabilities. In my opinion we have gotten away from teaching skills that are functional and will make our students more independent. Am I way off base?

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