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Love the void (Vampire maiden)
•The sun is shining I'm on fire• Rem trash #1
•The sun is shining I'm on fire• Rem trash #1


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Select an album:
[] Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge
[] Vessel
[x] Boom Boom Room
[] For Your Entertainment
[] Dookie

Track 1: Don't Feel Quite Right (greetings)
Hey y'all, I hope you're all having a great day/morning/afternoon/night or when ever you're reading this

Track 2: How Do You Do? (introduction)
Name: Jay
Nicknames: Koala, Kangaroo, Void
Sexuality: straight (with the exception of P!nk)
Gender: female
Age: 18
Birthday: 24/2/1999
House: Hufflepuff

Track 3: My Youth Generation (things I like and I'm interested in)
* Music (bands will be listed later)
* Moves & tv shows (will be listed later)
* Drawing
* Writing
* Interesting people
* Creating edits
* Reading
* Collection things (vinyl records, pop funkos ect.)
* Animals
* Comic books
* YouTube

Track 4: Mr Doctor Man (bands, shows and YouTubers I like)
Bands and singers:
* Palaye Royale
* My Chemical Romance (and all the members solo stuff)
* Panic! At The Disco
* Fall Out Boy
* Green Day
* Motionless In White
* Blink-182
* Coldplay
* Pierce The Veil
* Black Veil Brides (I prefer Andy's solo stuff tho)
* Sleeping With Sirens
* Linkin Park
* Smashing Pumpkins
* Twenty Øne Piløts
* Sum 41
* Melanie Martinez
* P!nk
* Katy Perry
* Halsey
* Kropp Circle
* Years & Years
* Troye Sivan
* Social Repose
* Eminem
* Bring Me The Horizon
* The Weeknd
* Kendrick Lamar
* Adam Lambert
(If you want to know any others, please ask me)
* Social Repose (my favourite)
* Dan and Phil
* CrankThatFrank
* Jacksepticeye
* Alonzo Lerone
* Todd In The Shadows (and other music critics)
* Glam & Gore
* Hair Jordan
* Others
TV shows:
* Supernatural
* Stranger Things
* Steven Universe
* Futurama
* Teen Wolf
* The Inbetweeners
* 21 Jump Street
* The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air
* Arrow

Track 5 Sick Boy Soldier (Favourite celebrities)
* Mikey Way
* Sebastian Danzig
* Remington Leith
* Emerson Barrett
* Josh Dun
* Tyler Joseph
* Gerard Way
* Lyn-Z
* Frank Iero
* Ray Toro
* Adam Lambert
* Devin Sola
* Tommy Joe Ratliff
* Ryan Ross
* Brendon Urie
* Andy Black
* Chris Motionless
* Halsey
* Melanie Martinez
* Kellin Quinn
* Dallon Weekes
* Abel Tesfaye
* Ricky Horror
* Francesca Poppy
* Billie Joe Armstrong
* Stephanie Pearson
* Patrick Stump
* Pete Wentz
* Richie Giese
* I'm probably forgetting a lot

Track 6: Live Like We Want To (people you should follow)
+Remy Catchlove
+Dilrard - dograndirk
+Somnium Nox
+αвѕcσnd ღ
+gakaito 22
+Pᴇᴛᴇʀ Qᴜɪʟʟ : Gυαяժιαη Oƒ Ƭнє Gαℓαxу • Sтαя-Lσяɗ.
+Stumps Før Hands
+equihoe TM
+Mexicore Trash
+Art the pastel child
+Saint Jimmy
Others I forgot
People I want to be like
+Stumptøwn Funk
+sister daniel stole my editing tips
+Devils Whorehouse
+Remy Catchlove
+folie à τσmie
+Pᴇᴛᴇʀ Qᴜɪʟʟ : Gυαяժιαη Oƒ Ƭнє Gαℓαxу • Sтαя-Lσяɗ.

Track 7: Ma Chérie (cool things, I guess)
I met Andy Black and Linkin Park.
Sebastian Danzig and Remington Leith follow me on twitter and have liked/replied to me
Sebastian, Remington and Emerson have liked my art many times on twitter and ig
Sebastian had replied to me on ig (he's a sweetheart)
Sebastian has posted my art on his ig page
Remington has liked and commented on my meme
Hair Jordan liked my tweet
Social Repose liked my art and my tweets
Mikey Way and Frank Iero have replied to me on twitter
I've talked to my favourite model on ig
Sebastian Danzig follows my meme account and two fan accounts on ig
My favourite model told me that she loves me
I'm saw Green Day and they were amazing
Momma Royale follows me on ig
Momma Royale, Emerson Barrett and Sebastian Danzig are my friends on fb
Sebastian Danzig and Emerson Barrett follow my main account on Instagram
Daniel Curcio posted my art on his ig page
Ghost has shared my art twice on his ig story, he has commented on my art and he has retweeted my art too
There's probably more I'm forgetting

Track 8: Too Many People (my social medias)
Ig - @spooki_jay

Twitter - @spooki_jay & @killjoyjay24 (I don't use this one, it's just a backup)
Sc - Jay-quinn24
Tumblr - Urie-At-The-Chemical-Fall-Out
Kik - SweetRevenge9
YouNow - Rad-Vampire_Jay
Periscope - Clockwork24
DeviantArt - Rad-Vampire

"You welcome sugar tits" ~ Sebastian Danzig
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Sorry for not being active on here. I feel like there isn't really a point for me to be on here, but I'll still upload my if y'all want me to
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Emi ✨
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I started Inktober and these are my first two drawings for it and the prompt I used
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Yo, I'm not dead
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I'm cousin Itt
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