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Sheng Apuhin
Miss single mommy to Iris Joehanna. A sister, a friend and a happy trying hard blogger :P
Miss single mommy to Iris Joehanna. A sister, a friend and a happy trying hard blogger :P


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Hashtag Travel
image not mine I have mention in my previous post that one of the things that I want to give focus this year is TRAVEL. Before, when I heard the word travel, what comes to mind is, I need to go far places like outside my country or at least outside my regio...

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Hello 2016!
Happy New Year everyone! Hope 2016 will bring us so much blessing. More blessing than the previous year.  Well, I don't have much plan or resolution really for this year. I only have 3 in my mind right now.  Focus on my faith/ relationship with GOD. Bring I...

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Best Exercises During Pregnancy
Exercises are a must
for most of the would-be-moms during the pregnancy months. According to senior
gynecologists, the would-be-mom should follow a minimum 30 minutes work-out
regime at least 4-5 days of the week. Exercises at this stage help to keep both

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Should I Invest in Property?
image not mine Should I Invest in Property?

Years ago, the quick and simple answer to this question; was “yes”. But now, given the sheer diversity and complexity of investment options in the market, the answer is no longer such a straightforward one. So le...

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C is for Cute Childrens
Hello everybody welcome to another round of ABC Wednesday . My entry for this week "C" is this Cutie Babies.Iris is in Color Red.

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B is for Blue Uniform
Yay! Doing my post before ABC Wednesday closes this week linkys. Its so obvious whats my entry for this week "B". A lot of B lue! Iris b lue checkered uniform. B lue drawer/cabinet in her b ackground. B lue number poster at her b ack. And who would not mesm...

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A for Apuhin
Just in time for ABC Wednesday Round 15 kick off, hopefully I'll be able to join till letter Z. If you want to join this meme journey just click on the link below. My entry for letter "A" is Apuhin . That is our family name. Today, I also enroll (late enrol...

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What to Look for When Choosing a Child Care Centre
There is nothing as precious as your own child; that is why it’s vital to choose the best child care centre possible. The best child care centre does not necessarily have to be the newest with all the latest gadgets, but it should be filled with care and be...

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W is for Wheelchair
I can not remember the last time I join ABC Wednesday I think that was 2012 in my other blog which is not searchable now in world wide web. So, from now on ABC Wednesday meme home will be my baby's blog. I miss joining meme's too! and I hope this is the beg...
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