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The Leading Security Officer Management Software
The Leading Security Officer Management Software

#ASIS2017, the premier event for security professionals worldwide, is coming soon. Come see us at our booth #2747 and elevate your #security operations and workforce to the next level. Register here for free!

Do you know the benefits of #Guardtek´s real-time #technology?
- Get a faster answer. Avoid calling several people and review several times.
- Automatically generate metrics that allow you to know if a task is not complete or well done.
- Avoid the shame of saying to your client that you don´t know what is going on.
- Get #incident reporting, alerts and notifications, send instructions to your officers.
- It doesn´t matter how far you are, how many #guards or sites do you need to manage, you won´t miss any information.
- Much more!
Contact us and request a custom demo!

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Trackforce’s security operations and workforce management apps gives companies the tools and support needed to thrive. Come to meet us ASIS 2017 in Dallas Booth #2747 Schedule a demo at the show by clicking here

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Is it easy to run a business? Is it is easy to make it grow? I bet your answer is a resounding NO. Watch this video and find the best advice to #business owners. #securityoperations #management

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It is tough for a security department to show its value to the decision makers. How can #Trackforce help your company justify its spending on #physicalSecurity Operations? Continue Reading

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Did you know that Trackforce can be easily integrated with other systems that you are already using? Discover this and other interesting advantages that you can gain from using Guardtek, Trackforce´s technology for #SecurityOperations, on this case study from @HunterdonHealthcare #healthcare #security

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SAN DIEGO, Jan. 10, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Trackforce, a leader in physical security software and technology solutions, announced today the closing of a $7.4 million strategic growth investment from Five Elms Capital. The investment will allow Trackforce to further enhance its product offering, accelerate global expansion, and expedite new feature development, according to Trackforce CEO, Guirchaume Abitbol.

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Time is said to be the enemy of many things. Houses, buildings, bridges and even marvels like the pyramids–all have fallen because of the passing of time. #Software and #technology often suffer this same fate, and it generally happens much faster...

#securitydevices #propertymanagement #mall #hospitals #hotels #casino #physicalsecurity

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Do you know how a Security Company can use a Security Operation Software to win Property Management Business?Discover it on this article!

#security #propertymanagement #software

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GuardTek Inspector™ is a smartphone application to modernize security officer inspections with customizable forms on a per site, per inspection basis. Ensure compliance, indicate corrective measures, and automatically send notifications to stakeholders within a centralized system.

More info at:

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