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There's just something happily visceral about cookies and a glass of milk. Mmm.

Moving to Washington DC on Aug 14-- if anyone knows of someone who is looking for a roommate, point 'em my way!

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iPhone, meet Google+

Share just the right stuff, with just the right circles :-)

This app should be rolling out over the next few hours. Try getting it here:

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Just did a hangout with +Katie Sienko, +Aaron Whittington, and +Rebecca Handley. It was an interesting experience. While it definitely needs work, I definitely can see the benefits of the hangout. If Google manages to get it to be ASL-friendly in how it identifies and focuses on speakers, I can easily see the deaf moving to Google for that. If Google also added an API to G+, I have a good feeling Facebook has a great deal to worry about.

Found a flaw in G+: I like email notifications, but the inability to unsubscribe from specific posts simply needs to be addressed. There's currently one going on endlessly about apple VS android. Gotta love fanboyism.

Trick to reducing lag in video when doing Google Hangout-- mute the microphone. That's assuming the conversation is done in sign language!

+David Chow see how you can talk to others via using +person tag? Works just as well as posting on their "wall"-- the difference is you post on your own wall and tag the person.

Google+ definitely has a learning curve. But once one gets the hang of it, it's not bad at all. Google+ currently is in danger of becoming a niche product-- however Google seems to be putting in serious effort in improving Google+. So we'll see how it goes!

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Woot! Now I can get my Starbucks fix without burning a hole in my wallet!
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