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Massive Hysteria
I don’t mean to brag but, I have an abnormally large uterus. Or at least that’s what my gynaecologist told me last
November as she studied with, dare I say, intense awe at my uterine ultra sound
scans. It’s hard to know how to respond to a statement like th...

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Hello Everyone and Welcome to 2017! I right? Yes, sir before the clock struck 12 last night, a lot of people said they would be very pleased to see the back end of 2016. Once midnight hit they let out a soul wrenching “Happy New Year”, or texted a...

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Road trips and good friends. Can't wait.

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The Long Road of Memories
Me, Cynthia, Liza, and Kim: June 1988 Almost 30 years. That's how long we've known each other. Of whom do I speak? Well, I'll tell you.  In September 1987 I started grade nine. We had just moved to Ottawa, I didn't know a soul, and my new school had close t...

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Kim Fletcher, your Birthday Blog Post is Ready!
   Just over a week ago I had a nice, long, catch up chat with
my good friend Kim. It had been a substantial amount of time since we'd talked,
but like I knew it would be, it was fine; exactly as if we'd never skipped a
day without talking to each other. It...

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So...the thing is...the play?
The play, Hamlet; it's what got us to London. I've thought of that sentence many times over the last few week, but not what would come after it. My intention upon returning from our two week trip to London was to write, write, write. Not just about our trip...

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London Called and we answered. The first post about our recent trip to London, UK.
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