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Professional Android 4 Application Development
Developers, build mobile Android apps using Android 4
Developers, build mobile Android apps using Android 4


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If you're interested in reading +Professional Android 4 Application Development, but have been holding out until you read it in French -- now's you're chance.

The French translation is shipping from now!

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If you're a Safari Books Online subscriber, you might be interested to know that +Professional Android 4 Application Development is now available at Safari Books Online!

"Professional Android Application Development by @retomeier is just wow. The only book I have read completely in my life! #justawesome"

Now that's a compliment! Thanks @greenroutes!

Special offer at +Barnes & Noble stores – buy +Professional Android 4 Application Development and choose a selected Nook book for $5!

Loving the automatic quote extraction technology being used on Amazon reviews. Loving the quotes it generates for +Professional Android 4 Application Development even more:

“Excellent work, and I will definitely recommend it to everyone who asks me how to do the Android thing.” - Dan McNeil

"I'd feel comfortable recommending the book to anyone with a solid understanding of software development who was looking to get into Android programming.” - Michael

"This book will teach anyone who has at least some experience with Android to be an elite Android developer.” - Debra Stern

Thanks for the kind words everyone! Glad you're finding the book helpful for your Android development.

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I did a live interview with +RootzWiki last night, talking about the book and Android development in general.

After that they started talking about much more interesting things :)

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The DRM-free eBook of +Professional Android 4 Application Development in now available for $29.99 from the Wrox web site.

Just the thing for those of you who like your books electronic and free of DRM.

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+Professional Android 4 Application Development, started shipping today (Monday) from Amazon US - so those of you who pre-ordered should be seeing your copies in a couple of days.

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The Nook version of +Professional Android 4 Application Development is available now for $26.

Amazon say they'll have the paperback in stock on Sunday, so if you want a copy at the start of next week, now's a great time to pre-order :)

Handy links to a bunch of different buying options can be found at:
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