If you're interested in reading +Professional Android 4 Application Development, but have been holding out until you read it in French -- now's you're chance.

The French translation is shipping from now!
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"Professional Android Application Development by @retomeier is just wow. The only book I have read completely in my life! #justawesome"

Now that's a compliment! Thanks @greenroutes!
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Special offer at +Barnes & Noble stores – buy +Professional Android 4 Application Development and choose a selected Nook book for $5!
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Nice review from one of my Italian readers.
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+Ashish Agre It can be used for beginners to Android, but you'll need to be a reasonably experienced programer. It assumes you're comfortable with OOP and Java.
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The DRM-free eBook of +Professional Android 4 Application Development in now available for $29.99 from the Wrox web site.

Just the thing for those of you who like your books electronic and free of DRM.
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The Nook version of +Professional Android 4 Application Development is available now for $26.

Amazon say they'll have the paperback in stock on Sunday, so if you want a copy at the start of next week, now's a great time to pre-order :)

Handy links to a bunch of different buying options can be found at:
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Not yet. Soon I hope / expect :)
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If you're a Safari Books Online subscriber, you might be interested to know that +Professional Android 4 Application Development is now available at Safari Books Online!
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Loving the automatic quote extraction technology being used on Amazon reviews. Loving the quotes it generates for +Professional Android 4 Application Development even more:

“Excellent work, and I will definitely recommend it to everyone who asks me how to do the Android thing.” - Dan McNeil

"I'd feel comfortable recommending the book to anyone with a solid understanding of software development who was looking to get into Android programming.” - Michael

"This book will teach anyone who has at least some experience with Android to be an elite Android developer.” - Debra Stern

Thanks for the kind words everyone! Glad you're finding the book helpful for your Android development.
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I did a live interview with +RootzWiki last night, talking about the book and Android development in general.

After that they started talking about much more interesting things :)
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+Professional Android 4 Application Development, started shipping today (Monday) from Amazon US - so those of you who pre-ordered should be seeing your copies in a couple of days.
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The paperback will be shipping soon, but the US Kindle edition of +Professional Android 4 Application Development is available for download right now, at 43% off ($26).
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+Chris Bailey You can download a sample which will show you how it's going to look -- but in general yes, all the images and code snippets are included in the Kindle version.
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Developers, build mobile Android apps using Android 4
A series of books that show experienced developers how to create mobile applications for Android smartphones and tablets.

The latest editions is revised and expanded to cover all the Android SDK releases including Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), including all updated APIs, and the latest changes to the Android platform.