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Chris Rickerson
I connect job seekers with employers who are ready to put them to work today!
I connect job seekers with employers who are ready to put them to work today!

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Our quick Blogger promo for Construction Labor
Wichita Construction Labor
Hire Personnel Here

If you need construction staff, check out our blog post and contact us today!


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New General Labor Promo
Staffing in Wichita KS
New General Labor Promo
Blog Post Plus Video

Just a little promo to let local businesses and individuals know that we also offer general (unskilled) labor.


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New Wichita Construction Promo
Use the Best: ESS!

Please like and share to help our new video gain some traction.

Construction Labor Wichita KS
Fastest Growing Business in Wichita KS

Check out our new quick video promo for construction labor. Please like and share to help us grow Elite Staffing Solutions!


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Our latest blog post! 
3D Printing for Career Experience
Wichita Kansas High School Programs

Here's our latest blog post about a recent news article pertaining to education on our local Wichita Kansas market. #3dprinting  

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Here's our latest blog post/sales copy. 

Let us know what you think! 

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Another News Article about ESS!
Wichita Staffing Startup Takes Off!

#jobs   #wichitaks   #staffing  
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