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Dawgs Bark
Working Woman by Day, Crazy Canine Mom by Night
Working Woman by Day, Crazy Canine Mom by Night

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Meet Ruger [The Vet]
My journey so far with my new family has been full of several new experiences.  I had to visit the vet right after arriving at my new home to get his seal of approval.  I was fortunate enough to have my appointment with Jenna's surgeon.  Mommy has decided s...

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Meet Ruger [Bath Time]
Hello world!  I'm Ruger and I'm the newest member of the Dawgs Bark Family.  Today I get to tell you about me from MY point of view. I'm making great strides so far in housebreaking and sleeping through the night, apparently two skills I must have in order ...

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Zap the Yap!
FINALLY!  My parents bought a bark collar for my sister, Dixie!  I know some of you are shocked (pun intended), but Dixie's incessant barking has taken a toll on Mommy and she was the one who finally made the big decision.  Mommy told Daddy if she'd known i...

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Meet Ruger
As we suspected, the rumor was true.  [sigh]  We have a new family member.  Meet our new baby brother, Ruger!  We really aren't quite sure what to think of him yet.  All we can say for sure is that he's without a doubt the cutest puppy known to man or woman...

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Shades of Summer
While Jenna was away at the dawg hospital for a few days, Mommy and I played around and had loads of FUN!  I think I like being an only child . . . temporary only child that is!  (Mommy made me write that last part.) Temps hit 100 two days in a row while Je...

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Tales from the Dawgs
Tales from the Dawgs Dixie: Hey, Jenna, come here.  We need to talk.  Did you hear the phone call Mommy took yesterday? Jenna: It's kind of hard for me to miss since I'm stuck here in my crate all the time.  Where else would I be? This ACL surgery has me co...

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Pup Cup for Me!
While my sister Jenna was laid up in the dawg hospital, Mommy and I had fun playing!  One of the adventures we had was visiting Starbucks!  Mommy really enjoys Starbucks, but she thinks it's a total waste of money on a daily basis. She had heard that dawgs ...

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Kick Off to Summer!
The summer has officially begun!!!  Yippee!!!! Kicking up our heels, Dixie and Jenna PS: Technically only one of us is kicking up her heels.  Jenna is still in solitary confinement recovering from her surgery.

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Jenna Update
Hi y'all!  I'm writing this blog post from the vet's office.  I'm not having a good time AT ALL!  I thought I was going on a vacation since it was just me and Mommy in the car last Wednesday morning (See ya, Dixie!), but it turned into a nightmare!  Yes, my...

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Saying Goodbye to The Sofa!
We've had to say farewell to a good friend in the past few months:  The Sofa.   [sigh]   [deeper sigh] This is such a sad story you may not be able to read it all the way through.  We had a difficult time writing it since these pictures bring back great mem...
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