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A new disaster is coming in EU banking sector, whom to blame, big Audit firms!
First I was thinking what should be the title of
this posting? Will it be good if I write that big audit firms set the time for
EU bank collapse! If someone is thinking that financial crisis is over
then think twice because the coming EU banking crisis is n...

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Fed’s rate hike Vs Sovereign rating up gradation
Financial market is very much worried about the rate
hike US, probably this is going to come in coming December. But I think that is
not going to change much of the things. Even Fed hikes rate in December it will
be not so much, because we are forgetting on...

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Economical problems are always better option for market than Political problems.
Traders around
the world were in better condition in past when market was ruled by European
debt crisis (PIIGs) than now when market is facing a situation in gulf region
& related refuge problem. Not only European debt crisis is more connected
with economic...

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Fed rate hike vs Emerging market currency depreciation.
Right now financial market is
facing the threat of rate hike in US. I think every nation has its right to
protect their economy or making things better for their people, their
industries e.t.c. This year currencies of Emerging nations have depreciated
lot, ...

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BRICs with aggressive look and may not repeat the mistake of Euro-zone.
6 th BRICs summit
in Fortaleza, Brazil will be remembered for $100 bn BRICs Development Bank
& Reserve Currency Pool. China is the highest ($41) contributor of this
$100bn CRA while newest member South Africa with $5bn & rest with $18 each.
There is also cr...

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Stock Market & state of Economy.
Stock market is the barometer
of the economy ….. ?????? !!!!!!!!! NOTE :    Please see the disclaimer of this blog .

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Future of Korean KOPSI.
Kospi is still in
the same spot which I have specified in my last posting. 1980 level is a good
support for coming week and there is a good chance that it may bounce in the
upside from that level. But if Kospi breaks around 1950-60 ranges in the
downside th...

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Future of HANG SENG.
getting resistance at around 23250 ranges and unless it is breaking that level,
23550 ranges look far from it. Last two days were better for it and so long it
maintains 22500 range I can not negate the move of testing 23550 level. But if it brea...

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Future of Korean KOPSI.
It is good that
Kospi is maintaining 1990 support range and but that does not give any
comfortable situation. Unless Kospi is breaking 2015 range in the upside or at
least give us a sign that it is going to stay above that range we may not see a
better envi...
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