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Teen Dating: What They Need To Know
Summer is around the corner.  With summer could be summer romance for your teenagers. One day, your little one is skipping down the sidewalk with her hair in pigtails and a firm grip on a teddy bear. The next, it seems like, she’s bouncing down the stairs o...

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Excellent read via +Civili Nation 

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Online Safety Measures: Tweens and Online Gaming
Summer is approaching  --- it can mean more time spent in cyberspace especially playing online game for tweens.  Here is a guest post a with 5 safety tips for your pre-teens. When you look in your living room, are your pre-teens immersed in a video game on ...

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Bullying Prevention Month: Cyberbullying Affects Real Lives
It may seem harmless to see your child engaged in the latest social
media application. She may be snapping pictures to her friends on
Snapchat or posting funny status updates on Facebook to stay in touch with her classmates and friends. However, when soci...

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Why Parents Need To Understand Age Restrictions on Social Media
This is a question that has been lingering for the past couple of
years.  We know that kids under 13 are joining, but should they be? The brave new world of technology has expanded so far that even your
grandmother may have an account on the social networ...

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Social Media and Student's Future Careers
Back to school - let your kids know their keystrokes will effect their future. I have discussed this topic for a long time along with my colleagues we constantly discuss the importance of digital citizenship .  It will be your virtual image that will dictat...

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Summertime and Teen Driving: Parents Are Role Models
Car crashes already are the leading cause of
death for U.S. teens, who have the highest crash rate of any age group,
AAA stated. During the summer months — when drivers rack up 20 billion
more miles than at other times of the year — an average of 260 tee...

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Teens Smoking Cigarettes
With summer here some tweens and teens will try new things - smoking might be one of them. Most know it, yet peer pressure can sometimes outweigh it when it comes to kids. Kids can get pretty creative when it comes to hiding their bad habits
from parents a...

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Teens and Summer Options
Summer is approaching....   Some kids are able to attend summer camps, some aren't. There are several factors that could make traditional sleep-away
summer camp a less-than-ideal choice for some families, such as the age
and temperament of children and th...

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Digital Parenting and Cell Phone Etiquette
Remember when phone etiquette simply referred to the rules regarding
answering the home phone? Now that most people, including teens, have
their own cell phones, phone etiquette has a whole new meaning. It
includes courteously using a phone to talk, text...
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