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How are you today?
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astounding article.

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good luck to everyone!

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with all the lovey-dovey snowflake goodness and real STRENGTH of "collective intelligence" and by extension "team play" and by more extension "total data sharing" - still, some people have the quirkiest of idea that come out of nowhere - and depending on the scientist, those rogue innovations are 50-100% of innovations. Even in the "team" situation where no one person will gain individual patent credit for an advanced algorithm, the "team" knows that but for this ONE PERSON, there is no patent, period.
Bless your heart!

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general scale first written out in July 1988 was an accidental result.
I played terribly one night in a piano bar. I didn't understand why, until the drummer that I went with pointed out that my timing was "piano player's timing."
Bruce said, "Dude, you piano players sit under that huge piece of wood, and listen to all the harmonics - there are three notes in a string, I get why you do that. But dude, the audience 1) doesn't hear it, 2) will tune out the first time you miss a beat.
This is a scale that is a result of being so embarrassed at the night - because the thing was, I wasn't missing notes! I thought the crowd was flat - or how much better I played as an accompanist than as a soloist, which is quite true, still...
I called it the Newman tempo scale kinda bc I had no idea what else to call it. Plus my family are big young and restless fans, and as a musician, once I learned to play in time I no longer had to get bogged dow by thinking about time, a concept stressed in the Japanese Art of war but I've never seen speed as well defined as the Japanese.
The world experts at below are Paul Fraisse, Manfred Clynes. David Epstein kind of and Bruno Repp a little. I've said enough about what I think of people like Don Campbell whose work is not disprovable hence is not even purported science, and Dan who is - I don't know - it takes one to know one, and whatever he is, I ain't that!

/matherton/ use as ya want not for profit, ©1988-2017 - attributions though rare are noted and very appreciated. My google settings, since most of my measurements lead to my assertions that have predictably pissed most people off, have always been "download whatever ya want" - as by now my original assertions, summarized in a 3 x 5 manner below, had been copyrighted in description only in Nov 1992 - you can't copyright a natural pattern in time, but the whole truth of the matter pissed so many people off - Phil Collins was one of 40 musicians to even respond to my inquiry on this, they were. all so angry. Why? Because it's true, they are very old and say, "this guy is trying to profit from me, f him". I get that. Phil was the only one to semi-sarcastically have his secretary type an "I'm busy, good luck on your own" - in 1999. Pat Metheny used to mock the hell out of me and is kind enough not to name me so I follow suit as my measurements are more the constant 2√15 or √15/5 which I I like better bc I can predict human emotion based in these numbers 1 and 5. Big deal. It's a natural pattern. The reason I saw it was a group a no less than 400 LUCKY right place, right time, born at right time, parents, mess ups, well, at least 400 lucky breaks including 2 near death experiences that made me ask what we all do - Am I making the world a better place for my living in it? That burns in your head when you think death is a millisecond away - and the first time, I thought - dude, no one is going to remember a thing you do in the law, even if you are good enough as a litigator to have a Beemer and 2 kids. You are banking on Hungarian-American who have negligence claims, your firm lucked out with the native Hungarian, and the money could roll in for years. But no. That is not a world I wanted to leave, so I changed my life pretty drastically,. It was after an escaped murder w 3 others - a random event.
Traumatized people will get this: the trauma was not as much, nit nearly, in the long run the idea that someone was about to kill my 3 friends and I for sport, it was that after the fact, where all the movie sties are, how we escaped, what it felt like...NO ONE GIVES A SHIT. Except of course those of you who have been similarly situated and you know exactly of which I write! Yeah? I mean, 2 of 100 shrinks I saw in a few years after that happened understood that level of terror. The rest, like y'all, except of course for those who've had the pleasure of knowing that there next "moment" was DEATH ITSELF, which, trust me, is way scarier than I thought it would be, made me a much nicer person even though I'm a douche a lot - I admit it! , most importantly just from the first time I gained permanent perspective in life as to what was important and what was bs. Chasing ambulances was bs so I switched to working health care and contracts law for NYC and a way lower wage.

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TRITISM FOR A REASON? in case you were wondering if "liberals" got their way through reason or threat of murder, The New York Times® and Time® Magazine have thrown their entire savings account of their reputations into sedition not based on "Come this way, this is a better way" but rather "they are racist, you are stupid, yell and whine, you never read the paper anyway, we're not compromised we're just well compensated" or the whole thing is a diversion to create a place for ISIS to look as they are as they pay for to be wiped off the earth. war is deception, Tump went to a war high school, all NYC real estate, every inch (lived there 35 years) is war. As another of my favorite so true you need a tritism to express it: "Those who know aren't saying and those who are saying do not know."

Trump Assassination Play Is Sponsored By The New York Times - Big ...
A “Shakespeare in the Park” production of Julius Caesar by the Public Theater features a mock assassination of a President Donald Trump lookalike.
Trump 'Assassination' Play Still Funded by Time Warner, Taxpayers
4 days ago - Time Warner, the parent company of CNN, is one of the companies still sponsoring The Public Theater, a New York Shakespeare group that offers free tickets to anyone who wants to see President Trump assassinated in the group’s rendition of Julius Caesar. ... At the end of the play ...
Don Jr. Blasts NYT Sponsored Play That Depicts Assassination Of ...
5 days ago - Donald Trump Jr. blasted a “Shakespeare in the Park” play sponsored by the New York Times and other corporations that depicts the assassination of a character that resembles President Donald Trump. ... According to the Public Theater’s corporate sponsorship page, the play is ...
Trump-like 'Julius Caesar' assassinated in New York play. Delta, Bank ...
5 days ago - Trump-like 'Julius Caesar' assassinated in New York play. Delta, Bank of .... I wonder how much of this "art" is funded by taxpayers? Serious ...
How Outrage Built Over a Shakespearean Depiction of Trump - The ...
4 days ago - “The play could not be clearer about the disastrous effects of violence. ... didn't like that they made this person who looks like Trump get assassinated. ... The New York Times, which has sponsored Shakespeare in the Park for ...
Trump 'Assassination' Play Still Funded by Time Warner (CNN's parent ...
4 days ago - Now I wonder why Time Warner is funding a play about Trump's assassination? It's like they might have some corporate interest in making life ...

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The #34 ranked song on the Rolling Stone Top 500 Greatest Songs of All-Time is a recording by The Righteous Brothers called “You’ve Lost That Lovin‘ Feelin.” time=3 minutes, 41.2 seconds meanspeed=94.4 beats per minute 636 seconds per beat   You’ve Lost…

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thank you for reinforcing this [kept from us, not w malice, but not taught].

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Being A Ghost Has Its Advantages
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