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I don't seem to get many comments here, anymore, if ever at all, but I seem to get a steady flow of hits overall. No doubt it's mostly for the great images of Motley & Motley collectibles & ephemera. I do invite comments & questions or even just responses. ...

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The Illustrated Shout At The Devil Liner Notes-Part 1!
Let's take an in-depth look at Shout At The Devil by playing close attention to the liner notes. If you want to view more images of the LP & cassette artwork, go HERE & click through. Nikki gets top billing. His place as Mr. Motley Crue secured early on. He...

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Mick Mars Part 4: Popular Unpopular, 1991
This is a great interview with Mick conducted by RIP Magazine 's Editor-In-Chief, Lonn M. Friend in August 1991 when the Motley's were in England for the Monsters of Rock Festival. Mick is a funny guy & displays a lot of the special charm he has through som...

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Motley On MTV: Live at the Roxy, November 1981
I did a post about this ultra rare & ultra rad video when it was
first shared (and then soon deleted!) on YouTube by EliteWorks back in
2011. To dig more stills I made, a transcription of the text & more general details on the video, go HERE to see more a...

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The Motley Crue Library
Hard to believe that the amount of literature published on the subject
of our heroes could fill a moderate-sized bookshelf. Although there were
some fan & low-profile publications from the 1980s-1990s, the real
Motley book boom came with the 2001 publica...

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Motley Pin-Ups #1
Here's some random pin-ups from Motley's glory days. These were
collected & plastered on my teenage walls as I moved from place to
place & thirty years later I've some how been able to keep most of
them. You'll see that many of the images at the Sleaze P...

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Nikki Sixx Part 9 - Too Wild To Tame, 1984-1985
Nikki retells the Motley legend/biography to Steve Gett of Hit Parader Magazine during the writing or recording of Theatre Of Pain, so
late 1984 or early 1985. Nothing new here but another example of the
media going down Motley memory lane early on. There...

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Vince Part 7: Dr. Neil, 1989
Vince was sober, recording Dr. Feelgood in Vancouver, Canada on
the weekends, & apparently not getting along with his then wife,
Sharise Ruddell. Sometime in perhaps mid 1988, Sharise talked to the
folks at Blast! Magazine about her relationship with Vin...

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Motley Magazine Miscellany #3
  In this installment of Motley Magazine Miscellany we have more random Crue appearances in print media of the 1980s-90s. Our first images come from a kid's book of celebrities entitled 'Good Guys & Bad Guys'. This was one of those cheapo, thrown-together p...

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1983 Heavy Metal News Report & A Motley Make-Up Mystery
This is a news report about Heavy Metal music from the year 1983. This was the year when Metal seemed to break & bands like Motley, Quiet Riot, Def Leppard & the Scorpions were becoming household names & grabbing the attention of the youth of the western wo...
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