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Fuckin' freaked us out.

If you are participating in the "Philosophy of Religion" community I suggest you exit that place immediately. They do not follow basic philosophical principles of reason and logic and proselytizing is prominent, even though it is expressly forbidden. The moderator has recently updated his rules so that comments are not covered at all by his own rules, showing mostly the laziness and apathetic character of the individual.

After attempting to improve the atmosphere, so actual dialog could begin, by reminding everyone of the rules. I was personally attacked by the moderator and the rest of his irrational and zealotous community.

Even the other Philosophy communities look at this community with disdain or disinterest. They call it a "Philosophical" community.

Do you think that a public forum discussing the "Philosophy of Religion" would actually yield something useful. Mind you, this forum does not comprise thinkers and experts. It contains normal, everyday people.
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