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Cooler than advertised.
Cooler than advertised.
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Gratitude: It's not what it's for dinner, but it's sure nourishing in its own way.

Today I want to say that I'm grateful for having a job where the folks are kind and supportive, for the health insurance that job helps provide, for a nice, warm, comfortable house on a (bleep)ing freezing day, and most of all for the good friends in my life that gave me a hand, called, wrote e-mail, texted, Faceboked/whatever to make sure I'm OK. Thank you.


Home from the surgery. Went very well, I feel pretty decent, making lunch right now.

Oh, and stay warm, all.

To sleep! For upon the morn I shall be chemically subdued and have a kind of controlled violence done to my corpus.

No no, I'm not participating in an Occupy Rally, I'm going in for minor surgery. ;)

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All of you.

I wish for you that the coming year is filled with joy, prosperity, growth, peace and just enough adventure to help you discover all the rest.

This has been a truly wonderful Christmas Eve. We had a great dinner together, laughed, opened some really amazing gifts to one another, enjoyed some of the best homemade eggnog of the last several years, and then wound down in relaxing fashion. We even prepped for tomorrow's breakfast - table's set, etc.

I truly hope every single one of you had/has it as good or better.

Merriest of Christmases to you all! (And if you're celebrating something else, I wish you all the joy and meaning possible!)

Merry Christmas Eve to one and all!

Tonight is the Big Family Dinner, followed by home-made eggnog and opening of presents between the siblings. Also probably a Christmas show or two, and hopefully singing some carols.

May all of you have as much fun stuffed into your Christmas Eve, unless you prefer peace and quiet, and then may you have that.

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