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Azora Hoffman Aadam and Mom
Hey, Azora Hoffman here. I created this blog so I can air a few major ideas about the Bible and religion in general. As you all know, I was raised in an Atheist family. We were always taught to be res...
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Usually teasing my halfwit cousin, Aadam. He's my #1 source of entertainment. --------------------------------------------->>AKA:Aadam VS Azora Hoffman, Aadam Buffalo, Aadam got pwned, Aadam must eat Buffalo chips, Abdullah is not just a Muslim name! haha

Azora Hoffman has been LOCATED! Azora says: Rashad is the best! Thanks Buffalo, NY!
Aadam loses again. haha

Aadam is fatally mistaken….and just plain wrong….again!
We love the UFC and I have always been a great fan of Rashad Evans. I saw him last year when he came to visit Tempe, AZ and I have been madly in love with him (and his muscles) ever since.

Thank you to Buffalo, NY for creating such a man! Aadam, the same Aadam that was dead wrong about Abdullah being a Muslim name "only", must also eat something foul and nasty yet again as his punishment and atonement for his blatant ignorance of MMA sports.

Aadam thought that after Rashad lost his bought to Jon Jones, that he would forced to accept a middleweight class if he wanted to stay in the game. As you can see, Aadam is sorely mistaken. haha Aadam!
I will be frantically searching the forests and prairies for more of those tasty Buffalo chips for your queasy pleasure. Choke 'em down, bitch! Choke 'em down!
"chomp chomp chomp".

We love you, Rashad. We won't give up on you! Fight the power!

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I, Azora Hoffman, am infinitely wittier than Aadam Zeplowitz.
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