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Kajiya Ikari (鍛冶屋 - 怒り)
"The mightiest of weapons, I forge them. You will respect my work, or you will be having a problem."
"The mightiest of weapons, I forge them. You will respect my work, or you will be having a problem."


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Name: Wrath, Theodore Roderick Spedner (Prior to being bitten)

Race: Human (Former), Werewolf

Height: 2m 16cm

Weight: roughly 110 kilograms

Base of Operations: 93.25 miles West of Gibson Desert Nature Reserve, Australia

Place of Origins: Dundaga, Latvia

Occupation: Blacksmith, Traveler

Picture: Aesthetic purpose

Theme Music:

- Distinctive features: Wrath has a big, moon shaped scar over his left, he wears a blue stoned ring on his right ring finger and a green stoned ring on his right middle finger. he also wears a blue metal ring around his right big toe. All these accessories are imbued with a magic-like power, as Wrath forged them himself.
- Human apperance: His human appearance is that of a tall, athletic build man, with long dark hair and long facial hair as he doesn't bother shaving himself. He wears a canine shaped mouthpiece, that can open and close like actual jaws. he also wears metal wolf ears on his head. This because the metal blue ring on his foot causes an illusion so he appears as his werewolf self. the additional plating is so people can touch his ears, tail and mouth without it passing through the mist like illusion, as it only fakes the surface and appearance, but doesn't actually produce any tangible body parts. The only exception to this is his body feeling like rough fur, despite it being bare skin and metal underneath. he also wears ripped jeans, the same one he wore back in his hometown, but with an added tailpiece to keep up the illusion.
- Werewolf appearance: His werewolf appearance is just as tall and athleticly build as his human. It only appears every full moon. during this time, the illusion disables, as it has no use at this point, it will reactivate the second Wrath turns back to his human appearance. his body is also covered in scars from various battles, but are hidden underneath his thick, rough, dark blue fur and the illusion caused by his toe ring.

Personality: Wrath is calm and does not show any of his emotions. He always thinks off completing his work before doing anything else. While he always talks about a schedule, he doesn't actually have one. He is a vivid drinker of rum and takes great care in avoiding the consumption of human meat. He also does not fear anything, or has yet to meet something that scares him.

Powers and Abilities: Being a Werewolf, Wrath has access to the standard abilities of superhuman strength, superhuman agility, superhuman senses, superhuman reflexes, etc. Ontop of this he has near instantaneous regeneration. only when he is significantly wounded (nearly amputated limps f.e.) will take longer time to heal. The wounds will not threaten him unless they are significantly huge wounds, especially those caused by silver weapons. However, minor wounds caused by silver weapons will only leave scars on his body. He is immune to any form of diseases or infection, but may become rabid if bitten by vampires or zombies. He is also immune to the affects of rum, which increase his love for rum.
In his travels, he has found a peculiar set of stones which granted him the power to imbue element controlling abilities, which he uses while forging weapons, armour and accesories.
He is an exceptional blacksmith, and therefor he calls himself the best blacksmith in the world. He has so far not met someone who can best him in his forging abilities.
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This Aether Raid team was literally impossible smh
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I guess I'll just risk a warning or kick or the sort.

But if any of y'all are moving to MeWe, I made a One Piece in preparation of G+'s shutdown

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Permission to share a One Piece MeWe group here? +Christopher Brown

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So someone made this. I think it looks great but I have a few nitpicks. I think maybe a village or a house should be in the background, the grass shouldn't be near the stage and I think they should be sword users

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Since someone so rudely demanded for a cropped version (while i was waiting for it to download). Here is a better version
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