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Beautiful I w ill
always find you, An inspiring and uplifting
sight. My feelings unbidden they
grew, Launched to the sky they took
flight. You are wonderful its time you
knew, In a dark world you are the

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It is not always tidy, It is not always clean. It sees the worst of you, But its never mean. It will offer you refuge, A place to sleep. It will provide you comfort, when you need to weep. It will fill with laughter, Be a place to have fun. It will keep you...

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When times are hard and you are feeling low. Think of your friends and your
smile will grow. They will pick you up and dust you down. Do whatever it takes to erase
your frown. So lets give thanks to them
one and all, Hold them in our hearts and
once more wa...

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A memory of love
The memory has
always stayed with me of that last summer before my parents moved us
away. I don't think the sun ever shined so bright, as when I was ten
years old. The old neighbourhood, made up of tired, run down housing
on the edge of the desert. A beat u...
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