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IT professional, Tech writer, and general geek
I've always been horrible at introductions.
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IT professional and Tech writer
This is, by far, our favorite Chinese Restaurant in the area. They always prepare the food quickly, are exceedingly friendly, and we have yet to find a dish that we do not like.
Food: ExcellentDecor: Very GoodService: Excellent
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I recently decided to get rid of my old mountain bike and pick up a cyclocross for both myself and my fiance. I’m 6’6” and have been a cyclist for over 15 years, so it’s very important (and hard) to find a bike that fits well. Being relatively new to the area, and having never been to Leawood Bicycles, I decided to stop by to see what they had. After all, Trek and Cannondale make larger frames, and my old mountain bike is a Giant, so I figured it would be a great place to go. Well, I was clearly wrong. When I walked in, there were two people on staff and I was the only customer. I was approached by one of the salesmen and told them that I was looking for a cyclocross bike. Their response was “Well, I don’t have anything in your size”. There was no offer to show me what models and brands they had available. I then said “Ok, well, what are your thoughts on straight vs sloped top tubes in regards to comfort?”. I figured this may be a better place to start the conversation. Just as he was beginning to answer me, another customer walked in. The second salesman went to greet the customer, but the first salesman (the one helping me) shouted across the store “Oh, I’ll be with you in a moment! Have you decided on getting that Trek?” Clearly, he only cared about his commission from making a sale, and didn’t care about actually helping me. After a few more minutes of conversation with the second customer, he turns back to me, having completely forgot what we were talking about. I asked him what the largest bike he had in stock was, and he went off to the back room. While I was waiting on him, I started looking at one of the road bikes they had on display. I was slowly spinning the rear wheel with the pedal (I wanted to look at the rear brakes, so I needed the tire spinning) and gently bumped the stand with the pedal. At this point, the salesman comes out of the back room and tells me “Be careful with that.” I respond “Sorry, I didn’t think the pedal would hit the stand”, to which he says very shortly “I know, that’s why I said to be careful!”. At that point, I just turned around and walked out. I’ve been to a few other bike shops in town and have never had such rude, condescending service. He could have helped me and sold two bikes today if he was a bit more attentive. I know I’ll never be going back.
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reviewed 4 years ago
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