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I really don't like Google+'s comments display. They need to have a "View More" It feels like I am ready every story on Tech Crunch with 10K+ comments! I want to roll them up so I can just see the content. If I want to see the comments I could click a button.
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Hear Hear! I can't scan my feeds nearly as well on G+ because of this.
I could use my circles more to look at just friends or business etc... but I have it on all. :)
Can you change your default feed? Facebook used to allow this (like 1-2 years ago when they also had lists vs. groups) and it was awesome.
I am new to this and am not quite sure what you are referencing. When I look at comments, I see some, but I also see "3 older comments" (in relation to this particular thread). If I want to see them, I can "unroll" them by clicking that link.
When you start following Tech Crunch as an example. They post a story and then in real time all of the comments how up in one HUGE list. So, below the story there could be 5k comments before you get to the next. There is no roll up by default that I have seen. There is no setting to change it either. I know it is a v1 so not really worried about it.
Looks like they changed it! I just looked after this comment and it is not doing it anymore. :)
I was based on a pre-set time period that would have to be met. Once met , the comments would roll up. Thanks Dave.
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