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That time Putin walked out on a speech - in Hamburg
Tallinn, Estonia Reblogged with permission . By Paul Goble Even Western leaders who are distinguished by the boldness of their statements on other issues appear reluctant to speak directly to Vladimir Putin about his lies and crimes, apparently fearful that...

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Venezuela: Proof Corbyn's no 'Man of Peace'
Picture of Maikol Mendoza by Cristian Hernandez Maikol Mendoza is a 17 year old Venezuela who finally got a chance of life with a rare kidney transplant. The rat infested, medicine deprived state of his country's health care system has now deprived him of t...

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The left and Manchester: Some good news
British comedian Rufus Hound* toying with conspiracy theories Since the Manchester bombings there has been an understandable need to point and either laugh or yell at some of the 'hot takes' circulating online. Whether they're coming from a comedian or some...

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Two inaugurations: Two realities
America does not take kindly to the world telling it stuff but there is an opera in this. As the world watched - same time, same planet - its greatest power crowned a man who lost the vote to a woman. Same time, same planet, Africa peacefully forced a man w...

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Venezuela: A Corbyvista warning
“Negative campaigning works against other candidates but not against
Corbyn,” one Smith aide said. “For a lot of people he embodies something
about themselves. It’s a statement of intent about your personal
identity, a personality marker to like Corbyn. ...

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Expel those who defame the White Helmets
I have a question for John Prescott. If you are a Labour Party member who defames the White Helmets should you be expelled? On Friday my friend the Times columnist Oliver Kamm retweeted my throw to him of the Snopes post debunking Eva Bartlett. She is a Rus...

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Lindsey German is a thug, an accomplice
This week as the massacre of men, women and children has been live on the Internet UK MPs from all parties bar UKIP have urged aid for civilian protection on the British government. Many of those MPs have payed close attention to what Syrian civil society h...

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Lindsey German is a thug

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How Labour trashed Tatchell, not Assad
  As the people of Aleppo were being burned alive in the street, hospital staff massacred and men and boys led to deaths which evoke Srebrenica the Labour Party's High Command's trashed Peter Tatchell. For days after a speech by leader Jeremy Corbyn protest...

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Does Corbyn back aid drops to starving Syrians?
Today's protest of Jeremy Corbyn over Syria has drawn a lot of attention because of the presence of Peter Tatchell. This is a good thing when it highlights the issue - aid drops to civilians - but also a bad thing when Peter becomes the focus and not Syria....
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