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Pacific Video Repair
We offer professional video tape repair and DVD transfer services
We offer professional video tape repair and DVD transfer services

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Now that we've done a bit of research we're starting over by hosting the new blog on our website!  We hope to be of service to everyone!

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We're starting a new blog intended to assist people with common (and uncommon) video tape issues.  This week's post:  "Fireproof Safes and Video Tapes"

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A gallery of tapes that were successfully repaired (8 photos)
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We understand that your footage is priceless- Your tape will be treated with care and respect.

*$24.50 for all repairs
*No charge to you unless your tape can be repaired to our standards
*No hidden fees
*Free return shipping
*Lifetime guarantee
*Turnaround two business days
*DVD transfers $11.95 per tape ($9.95 if the tape has been repaired)

Why it's important to label your tapes:

"Oh, dear lord. Don't watch it. God only knows what's on this tape. I found it in my mother's linen closet. There is a pretty good chance that it is some crappy movie my parents copied from HBO in the 90s. And a slim chance that it's my 10th birthday, where my brother licks a toilet seat at Chuck E. Cheese for $5. I only want it if it's the latter. If it is any kind of sex tape--please. Just throw it out. I don't need to see that."

-- Posted with permission from a customer with a great sense of humor!
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