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Dean Cohen
When I think of me... I smile. ~Igy
When I think of me... I smile. ~Igy

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A cat's map of the bed

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Sculpted Textural Painting: 24” x 30” (Unframed)
Acrylic on sculpted latex medium on canvas,

"Reaching Rays"

Yellow dwarf star, the burning sun,
in your orbit spinning on.

Ra, Aten with reaching rays,
so many names, you warm our days.

Solar winds push deep in space,
we feel your glow upon our face.

Basking at a distance safe,
but not too far for frozen waste.

Oh God of heaven who reigns divine,
we thank you for these beams that shine.

Gari Hatch

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Group "10.000 Photographers Around The World" -- Part III
+10000 Photographers around the World
Unfortunately I had to close the 1. and also 2. post, because there is a limit of max. 500 comments per post on Google+. Therefore, I open here the same article again:
I'm sorry, but such a great interest I did not expect. Do not worry, all have their turn. It just takes some time. - Please read on:

Here again the original text: 10000 Photographers around the World
Due to massive technical problems it is necessary to transfer the group "10000 Photographers" to a new server with new rules and conditions:

10000 Photographers around the World
As a new and special service I'm going to share all members of this group periodically in circles. So you do'nt need individually add them to your circles. This new service is only in this group and list available and very comfortable.
Google+ Counter has been created by +Ralf Rottmann We thank for that! Therefore, it is only fair that all members of the group "10000 Photographers“ add +Ralf Rottmann in their own circles.
Unfortunately, there is no automatic way. Therefore, I must register all members of the group individually. This is very tedious and time consuming. Each profile ID must be entered individually. I therefore ask for your patience until I have transferred thousands of members. I cannot work the whole day only on it. I'm adding new members every day from my circles and those who register here. Approximately I've already entered 700 members. I have not taken over all members of the previous list. I've watched every single profile. I first added only persons from my circles and which have myself in their circles. That is not too much to ask for this job on one side. Furthermore, only real serious participants are included in the list. Those who commente here, are added first.

Rules and conditions to be, to stay and to get a member of Group "10000 Potographers":
1. You must share public this post in your stream!
2. You add the founder and curator +Robert SKREINER to your circles!
. . This is necessary so that you can be informed about all changes.
3. You give +1 to this post and a comment, that you want to be added.
4. You add +Ralf Rottmann to your circles as thanks for Google+ Counter!
5. You share always the new circles about this group!
6. You must publish at least one own photo per week at Google+
7. You have to comment regularly on some photos of members of the list.
8. You must not be inactive for more than 4 weeks on G+ as a group-member!
9. You add the PAGE +10000 Photographers around the World to your circles!
. . This is very important for communication and all new information!

Please don't forget to 'share public' this information and the regularly published circles!

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Cannon 20090510

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Cannon 20090510

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