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you know you wannnaaaa

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You can make The Best Sweet and Sour Chicken at home. It's not hard to do and it's SO worth it. Delicious. 

Here's how to:

#chicken   #dinner   #food   #recipe   #delicious   #chinesefood  

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Theatre Etiquette went right over her head
A word to the COW at the theatre. 1- Like you I paid very good money for these seats to the Nutcracker, hosted and performed by our very own ballet company. 2- You are tall and errr 'big boned' so your big head blocked centerstage and with the weaving and b...

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My 'Stupid Emotional Upsets and the Fixer Uppers' kinda day.
( and by stupid emotional upset read: Menopausal, lack of sleep, stupid cold hanging around or snow. Choose one though, not all 4 mmmkay? I'm not that unbalanced   ) Stupid emotional upset: Half a tub full of hot water for my bath. Imma gonna hack that stup...

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One more before I burrow in.
One more Autumn photograph before I burrow in for the cold winter months. I feel sadness at the passing of what was arguably the longest autumn on record. Sigh. Stay warm, Peeps, winter is at our doorstep. Especially here in Western Canada. 

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For Today
For Today Outside my window... I am looking at the waning light. The days are short, the geese are flying and that is all things bad to me. Winter is at my door step once more. But not any old winter, we're told to expect the 'T-Rex' of winters. Oh joy. Oh ...

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Better than home. Ahhhhh
Introducing our new video, "Victoria… It's More Than That", a story about what it means to be a visitor to Victoria. PLEASE SHARE if you love our destination as much as we do!

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I am honestly curious. .
I am honestly curious. . I've been having an ongoing conversation with my youngest daughter about the point in your life when you decide to call it quits.To just let it go. She's struggling with a few issues she is having trouble working through. Justifiabl...

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The day the mountain crumbled
The Frank Slide . 90 million tons of limestone rock slid down Turtle Mountain within 90 seconds. I can not imagine the sound of a mountain letting go nor what the miners (who were underground at the time) felt  after they dug themselves out. What they saw o...

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This That and Other Things. All of which matter.
It's an overcast day at the moment, perfect time to haul out my camera and go play. But nope, laziness has struck me and here I sit at Starbucks people watching. Ohhh how I LOVE people watching. I really really should be a street photographer ( full disclos...
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