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Alex Roberts
electrical engineering student who loves lasers
electrical engineering student who loves lasers

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Bringing an Airhogs Aero-ace back to life Part 2
I received the new batteries today. They are labeled as 250mAh, but listed on amazon as 200mAh. The capacity wasn't really the major concern, it was the weight. These actually don't feel that much heavier than the original battery so I gave them a shot. I d...

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Bringing an Air Hogs Aero-Ace back to life Part 3 (Update)
So, it was last summer when I was messing with fixing the air-hogs Aero-ace airplanes. From what I remember, I was somewhat successful at getting the new batteries installed and charged. My problems came from the batteries being too heavy, and not getting m...

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Solid State Laser Engraver Overhaul
I had a lot of free time on my hand when I was laid off in January of 2015. I needed a project to work on to keep myself from going crazy while I was still looking for a job. I have a tendency to have about 15 project ideas floating around my head at any gi...

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Bringing an Airhogs Aero-Ace back to life
When I was in junior high one of my favorite things was my Airhogs Aero-Ace bi-plane. The aeroace was a highly regarded RC airplane. It was simple to fly out of the box, could take a beating, and would keep going after many many hard "landings". I had two o...

I am an extremely lucky guy, because the very nice lady that found that my Google+ account was still logged on in the Engineering Lab, simply logged me out and only left a semi-embarrassing status. ^_^
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