Here goes for my first review. Well after buying my first decent camera, I needed a bigger bag that was secure, smallish and portable that I could get my ever expanding camera gear into. I found this on Amazon and I am very happy with it. It is compact and has loads of space inside. It has a single strap for your shoulder with a clasp that goes round your waist. To open it you just undo the clasp on your belly and spin it down off your shoulder and hey presto it is on your belly still suspended from your shoulder. The centre section has a side opening so all your gear is available right in front of you without taking the bag off your body. It fits my mirrorless Canon with lens a 70/300 lens, travel charger 2 extra batteries, extension tubes 70/100 lens and a waterproof rain cover. There is also a strap for a small tripod on the side. I have been using this for a few weeks now and highly recommended it. It has room for more if I wanted to but might get a bit heavy if I stuff any more gear into it. Thanks Darren
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